Lomography’s New Film Emulsion Promises Sun-Kissed 90s Nostalgia

A film canister and its box labeled "Lomography LomoChrome Color '92 ISO 400 35mm" are shown. The box shows a woman smiling, holding a flower by her eye, with clear water and mountains in the background. A larger version of the same photo appears to the right.

Lomography has unveiled the next step in its film production journey, announcing another new limited edition film: LomoChrome Color ’92 Sun-kissed.

The new film, available immediately from Lomography’s online shop, comes in 35mm, 120, and 110 formats. The company has designed its new film to “capture the essence of a golden-hour glow” thanks to warm orange and yellow hues. The film promises a “burst of 90s nostalgia,” the analog photography company continues.

A box of Lomochrome Color '92 color negative film with ISO 400. The packaging features a photo of two women, one facing forward and one in profile. The design includes a red and brown color scheme with text that reads "Sun-kissed" and "1992.
LomoChrome ’92 Sun-kissed comes in 35mm, 110, and 120 formats.

Lomography explains:

The gentle crackle of a beloved mixtape fills the air, mingling in the sweet, languid embrace of a carefree summer’s afternoon. Suddenly, the sunlight dips lower in the sky and the scene comes alive. Following the cherished journey of our LomoChrome Color ’92 ISO 400 film, celebrating one-year since its launch we are thrilled to unveil our latest creation — LomoChrome Color ’92 Sun-kissed ISO 400. Beckoning further creativity in 35 mm, 120, and 110 formats, it’s time to continue the analog journey with an extra burst of 90s nostalgia.

LomoChrome Color ’92 Sun-kissed is a regular color negative film that boasts adaptability and versatility across a diverse range of environmental conditions and types of light. Lomography says the film renders radiant skin tones in direct sunlight and cooler tones in the shade. The company explains that the film offers “cinematic blues and oranges” under bright skies. Further, the film promises glossy, deep black levels and a rich grain structure.

The ISO 400 emulsion can be developed using standard C-41 processing. And like prior LomoChrome films, like with the standard LomoChrome Color ’92 released last year, no two Lomography emulsions will be the same. The company says, “each film production is totally unique and no two emulsions will ever be the same.”

Sample Images

Lomography has shared a variety of sample photos shot using its new emulsion, demonstrating the promised characteristics outlined above.

Two women in white, textured long dresses stand against a deep red background. Each holds a single dark flower in hand, and they have their hair styled in updos. The woman on the left looks downwards, while the other gazes softly in the same direction.

An individual is performing a handstand in the middle of a crosswalk. In the background, four individuals on scooters are waiting at a red light on the road. The shadows cast by nearby structures are visible, creating intersecting lines on the pavement.

A person wearing a white long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, glasses, and a black cap sits on a surface while listening to music on a boombox. They hold one hand to their ear and adjust buttons on the boombox with the other hand, with a lamppost in the background at dusk.

A woman with long brown hair wears brown sunglasses and a white T-shirt with a large red heart on it. She accessorizes with orange shell earrings and a red skirt with a ruffled hem. She poses outdoors against a blurred background of a clear sky and structures.

A person with curly hair is sitting outdoors, resting their head on their crossed arms while looking contemplatively to the side. They are in a grassy area with rock formations in the background. The lighting highlights their facial features, giving a serene feel.

A person with short red hair and red lipstick is standing next to a stone statue of a bearded man. They are wearing a white shirt and resting their hand on the statue's head. The background shows a clear sky.

A woman with long curly hair, wearing sunglasses, an orange crop top, and beige pants, stands against a grungy, textured green wall. She has her hands slightly behind her, touching the wall, and gazes sideways. The image has a vintage, dramatic feel.

A person with shoulder-length hair stands outdoors under a canopy of yellow flowers. They are wearing an orange dress and carrying a yellow backpack, looking upwards with a thoughtful expression. The branches and flowers create a vibrant backdrop.

A woman lies in shallow water near a beach, smiling with her eyes closed. She holds a white and yellow flower to the side of her face. She has long dark hair and is wearing a white swimsuit. In the background, there is a calm sea and a distant shoreline with hills.

Two young people sit inside a vintage silver car. The person on the left leans over the dashboard with their head resting on their arms, while the person on the right, seated in the driver's seat, rests one hand on the steering wheel, looking out the window. There is greenery outside.

A bright room with various potted plants. A person is playfully posed on a black leather couch, legs and high heels visible, leaning forward out of view. The scene has a whimsical and light-hearted ambiance with sunlight streaming through a window.

A group of people sunbathing and relaxing on a wooden pier by the water. Towels and chairs are scattered around, and some people are lying down while others are sitting. The pier is surrounded by a low stone wall, and the sky is clear and blue.

Pricing and Availability

Lomography LomoChrome Coloir ’92 Sun-kissed film will begin shipping on July 10. The 35mm version is a 36-exposure roll and it costs $12.90. The 110 and 120 formats are $8.90 and $11.90, respectively.

The company also suggests that photographers have future film emulsions to look forward to. “Rest assured, our experimentation knows no bounds — there’s much more to come,” Lomography promises.

Image credits: Lomography