The Most Hilarious Entries So Far in the Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

A baby seal with white fur is lying on its back on sandy ground, with one flipper raised in the air and its mouth open, appearing to yawn or laugh.
‘Laughing Out Loud’ by Ingo Hamann | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

With just a month left before the annual Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards entry period ends, competition organizers have unveiled some of the best submissions so far. Like every year, these early favorites are a potent blend of hilarious animals and excellent photography skills.

This is also the first year that the Comedy Wildlife Awards feature Nikon branding, after Nikon and the Comedy Wildlife Awards team joined forces in March.

A large brown bear walks along a sandy beach while two young cubs climb onto its back. The cubs are clinging to the adult bear, one higher up near the shoulders and the other near the rump. The background shows wet sand and water.
‘Holding On for a Ride’ by Alexander Fine | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards
A white bird stands underneath a cow, pecking at the cow's tail in a green grassy field. The bird appears to be an egret, and the cow's legs frame the bird on either side.
‘Not a Good Idea’ by Anton Pretorius | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

“It’s a pleasure to be working with the Comedy Wildlife team — fantastic partners who share our commitment to generating vital awareness of conservation through the power of photography,” says Stefan Maier, Nikon Europe Senior General Manager of Marketing. “With only one month to go to enter the Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards, we’ve loved seeing all the hilarious entries so far, and look forward to receiving more entertaining wildlife shots over the next month.”

Three chinstrap penguins walk on a snowy landscape. They have black heads with a distinctive black line across their chins, and their white bodies contrast starkly with the snow. The penguins appear to be moving toward the camera with their wings slightly spread.
‘Three’s a Crowd’ by Deena Sveinsson | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards
A sloth with wet fur hangs from a branch with two of its limbs in a lush, green forest setting. The sloth appears to be looking directly at the camera, holding on tightly with its claws.
‘Slow Hands’ by Harry Collins | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

The competition is free to enter until July 31, and the grand prize winner will earn a safari trip to the Maasai Mara in Kenya and a unique handmade trophy from The Wonder Workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Other prizes include a Nikon Z30 camera for the Junior Category winner and a Nikon Z8 kit and a new iPad with Affinity Photo software for the Young Photographer winner. All category winners will receive a Think Tank camera bag, too.

Three giraffes stand closely together in a row, creating an overlapping effect with their long necks and heads. They are surrounded by sparse vegetation in a dry, open landscape with a clear blue sky in the background.
‘Three Heads Are Better Than One’ by John Mullineux | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards
A mallard duck with iridescent green head and blue speculum flies close to a tree trunk. The background is a blurred out-of-focus mix of greens and browns, suggesting a natural setting. The duck's wings are spread out as it glides past the tree.
‘Watch Out for That Tree’ by Mark Koster | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

Speaking of categories, this year’s are as follows: Alex Walker’s Serian Mammals, Spectrum Photo Birds, Think Tank Reptiles and Amphibians, Fish and Other Aquatic Species, Insects, Nikon Young Photographer (up to 25 years old), Nikon Junior (up to 16 years old), Amazing Internet Portfolio, Video, and Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award (announced after this year’s finalists are selected).

A sea turtle swims gracefully near the sandy ocean floor with clear blue water above, sun rays penetrating the surface and illuminating its shell.
‘Pick Me, Pick Meeeeee’ by Thomas van Puymbroeck | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards
A bird standing on a tree branch with its back facing the camera, head turned upside down and peering through its legs. The bird's wings are partially open, exposing its feather pattern. The background is filled with lush green leaves and branches.
‘Peek-a-Boo!’ by Tilan Weerasinghe | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

Each year, the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards team up with a sustainability conservation organization. This time, the awards are working with Whitley Fund for Nature, a United Kingdom-based charity that supports conservation leaders in the Global South. In three decades, the organization has invested more than £20 million in more than 200 conservationists across 90 countries.

Two polar bears interact on a snowy landscape. One bear has its paw on its head, looking down, while the other bear stands facing it with its mouth open as if growling or roaring. Rocks and patches of ice surround them, adding to the wintry scene.
‘Did You Hear the One About the…?’ by Wendy-Kaveney | Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards

The Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards are celebrating their 10th birthday this year and doing it in style with many great prizes. There is still plenty of time for photographers to enter their best photos. Again, the deadline is July 31, 2024. Complete details and rules are available on the Comedy Wildlife Awards website.

Image credits: Photos courtesy of the Nikon Comedy Wildlife Awards. Individual photographers are credited in the captions.