Sirui’s New C150X Photo and Video Light Fits in Your Pocket

A close-up of a modern LED studio light labeled "C150X" with the brand name "Sirui". The light features a cylindrical, textured reflector attached to a rectangular body, with two control knobs on the side. The background is dark blue, highlighting the light.

Sirui, no stranger to interesting lighting solutions, has announced the C150X, a lightweight handheld pocket light for photo and video.

The Sirui C150X offers 150 watts of output, delivering 5,310 lux of illumination at one meter (3.3 feet). Per Sirui, the color temperature ranges from 2,800K to 6,500K and is accurate within 100K at 100% brightness. The color accuracy decreases as intensity is reduced, although it stays within 250K of the target even down to 1% power, which SIrui claims is significantly better than competing pocket lights. The CRI and TLCI are 95.5-97 and 98, respectively.

The palm-sized light supports 16.8V and 26V V-mount batteries, enabling portability and easy outdoor shooting. It has a tilting head and a handle for easy operation. The light works with various accessories and modifiers, including a reflector and mini softbox. It can also accept Bowens mount light modifiers with an optional adapter.

A close-up image of a professional studio light with a hexagonal reflector. The light is branded "GODOX" and is mounted on a stand. The background is a gradient of blue tones.

The Sirui C150X weighs just 450 grams (15.8 ounces; a shade under a pound). The light is 140 x 97 x 53 millimeters (5.5 x 3.8 x 2.1 inches), although it is made larger when the removable standard reflector is attached, which would be a typical usage. The light has a 1/4-20-inch threaded hole on the bottom.

Although it can be powered by a V-mount battery, the light can also be powered by a DC adapter power supply, which supports charging during use. The power input cable is two meters long, while the output line is four meters, allowing the light to be hung overhead. The light can also be charged via USB-C PD.

Sirui says the light is quiet and stays cool during operation. The light has a built-in fan, which produces about 20 decibels of sound in its medium moe. The fan also has high and automatic modes. It can be turned off if the sound is an issue during video recording.

A person with shoulder-length hair is standing in a dimly lit room, wearing a white NASA hoodie. They are holding up a lit spotlight with a contented expression, casting a glow on their face and part of their surroundings.

The C150X can be easily controlled via an accompanying smartphone app, which offers direct control over brightness, color temperature, fan mode, and illumination mode. There are a dozen special modes to create special effects, like fire and candlelight.

Sirui believes its new compact C150X pocket light is suitable for run-and-gun shooting, environmental and studio portraits, vlogging, interviews, travel shooting, and outdoor photography.

The Sirui C150X is available to preorder now for $219, with shipping expected to start in two to four weeks.

Image credits: Sirui