Film and Digital Both Saw New Cameras on the Same Day | The PetaPixel Podcast

Not only did we get a new enthusiast-level digital camera this week in the Z6 III, Pentax and Fujifilm both released new film cameras that very same day. The PetaPixel Podcast team is joined by Ted Forbes to discuss!

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The Art of Photography‘s Ted Forbes joins Chris Niccolls, Jordan Drake, and Jaron Schneider to talk Pentax 17, Instax Wide 400, and the Nikon Z6 III which all launched on the same day. None of them can remember the last time two film cameras shared a release day, let alone being joined by an enthusiast-level full-frame digital camera. In a week of firsts, the four provide their thoughts on each of these new cameras and what that means for the photo industry at large.

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