eBay Releases AI Photo Tool Allowing Sellers to Generate Backgrounds

Side-by-side comparison of a decorative pillow with a blue, yellow, and purple circular pattern against two backdrops. The left side shows the pillow on a purple couch under a pinkish filter, while the right side shows the same pillow on a yellow background without the filter.

eBay has introduced a new AI-powered background enhancement tool allowing sellers to “transform their product photos from everyday snapshots into professional grade imagery.”

The background enhancement tool enables sellers to remove “less-than-glamorous” backgrounds from their product photos and replace them with “stylish, AI-generated backdrops.”

Sellers can choose from a variety of scenes that best showcase their items. For example, a pair of second-hand hiking boots can be placed against a rugged outdoor backdrop, while collectible vintage action figures could be placed against a sleek studio backdrop or a minimalistic tabletop scene.

The tool is integrated into eBay’s listing process on their mobile apps for iOS users in the U.S., U.K., and Germany. It will gradually roll out on Android over the coming months.

Screenshots of an app showing steps to edit a photo of a pillow on a couch. Options to change the background are demonstrated, including using AI-generated backgrounds and choosing solid colors. The final preview shows the pillow against a yellow background.
Users will be able to select the subject and choose which background they would like.

Previously, eBay sellers have had the ability to remove backgrounds and replace them with a clean white background. Another AI feature launched last year gives sellers entire product listings generated from just a photo.

“Quality images are a key ingredient of a successful product listing and result in a faster sale. But taking well-lit, professional-looking product photographs can be expensive, time-consuming, and cumbersome,” eBay says in its press release.

“Background enhancement makes it simple for sellers to create beautiful listings that reflect their brand and style, while giving buyers a more appealing, distraction-free look.”

The company says all of its AI tools are built in development with its Responsible AI team which ensures they are “implemented in a fair and safe manner” and tweaked to prevent any unintended consequences like misrepresenting items.

AI image generators do sometimes have unintended consequences such as back in April when the State of Washington’s Lottery had to close down an AI-powered web app after it generated a topless photo of a 50-year-old woman.

“We are using AI to help our sellers accomplish their listings more seamlessly, faster, and with higher quality,” says VP of Seller Experience Xiaodi Zhang. “Our sellers’ time is valuable, and we want to ensure our tools allow them to meet their listing goals and drive more sales.”

eBay’s new offering is similar to that of Shopify’s and Amazon’s.