Canon to Make a Cinema EOS Announcement Next Week

A partially lit camera against a black background, showing the "EOS C" label and part of the lens mount area. The rest of the camera body fades into the darkness.

Canon teased an impending announcement on June 5 for a Cinema EOS product and while it didn’t disclose exactly what it might be, it did include the partial photo of a camera.

Next week is the CineGear exhibition in Los Angeles, the largest of the organization’s shows (it also hosts Atlanta and New York based shows). It will be held at the Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, California and the buzz around the show this year is significantly louder than those in past recent years. Typically there are a few new product announcements but they tend towards support brands or high-end productions. That feels different this year as many companies appear to be using the show as a jumping-off point for a wider range of cinema products, Canon included.

In advance of the show, which kicks off on June 7, Canon will announce something related to its Cinema EOS line and if the image it shared on X (formerly Twitter) is any indication, a camera might be on the horizon.

While it should come as no surprise, the small portion of the camera shown in the teaser features an RF-mount — that much is clear from the longer red dash on the camera’s lens mount which is in contrast to the red circle found on EF cameras. Also of note is that this isn’t a photo or rendering of a currently existing RF-mount Canon EOS product of which there are only two.

Images of the EOS R5C has show a similar distance between the interior edge of the lens mount as the teaser photo, but the hex screw to the upper right of it and the fact the camera in question has a protruding lug (the tape measure hook) shows it’s definitely not the R5C.

A black Canon EOS C camera body with a red button on top, silver lens mount, and various buttons and dials on the front and side. The camera logo and model are visible above the lens mount.
Canon EOS R5C | Canon

The only other existing option in Canon’s Cinema EOS line is the C70, which shares that protruding tape measure hook but it is in a different spot on the body. Additionally, the C70 has a tally lamp to the right of the red “C” logo and the sensor is much smaller than what appears in the teaser image.

A black Canon EOS C camera body is shown from the front. It features a red record button on the top left and various controls on its body. The lens mount is visible in the center, revealing the camera's sensor. The Canon logo is displayed on the top right.
Canon EOS C70 | Canon

Whatever camera is being shown in Canon’s teaser image, it’s not either of the currently existing Cinema EOS RF-mount cameras.

This is speculation of course, and Canon will make everything clear next week on its YouTube Channel starting at 12:00 PM PDT, 3:00 PM EDT.