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“Mobius”: A Short Film Shot with Canon’s New C300 Cinema Camera


This short film, titled “Mobius”, is one of the short films Canon screened at last night’s Hollywood announcement for the EOS C300 and concept cinema DSLR. It was made by Vincent Laforet, who was also selected to test the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 1D Mark IV.

On his blog, Laforet writes,

Ergo this is in effect a 4K sensor creating a 1080p image. This results in what I would say is easily one of the best digital cinema sensors on the market – at least that I have worked with (I have worked with all of the digital cinema cameras released within the past 2-3 years.) The camera’s only competition right now are the Arri Alexa and Red Epic – although each of the 3 sensors and cameras have distinct advantages over one another – there is no perfect camera.

The Canon C300 produces an INCREDIBLY sharp image at 1080p on a 60 foot screen. There is ZERO aliasing or moire – goodbye forever!!!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing how the film was made:

P.S. If the 1080p version is choppy, try watching the 720p version.