Profoto’s First Cinema Light is the ‘Mono-LED’ L1600D That Doesn’t Have a Ballast

A side view of the Profoto B10x flash unit against a dark background. The flash unit is mounted on a stand and features a cylindrical body with vents and a large knob at the back for adjustments. The brand name "Profoto" and model "B10x" are visible.

A month after promising lights and modifiers designed for video, Profoto has already delivered in the form of the Profoto L1600D Mono-LED.

“Profoto enters the cinema market with uncompromising speed of use and limitless creativity,” Profoto promises. “With its unique state-of-the-art technology, [the L1600D] offers the world’s DOPs and Gaffers speed of use without limiting their craftsmanship and artistry.”

The L1600D is a relatively compact all-in-one lighting unit that doesn’t require a ballast. At the heart of the new light is Profoto’s patent-pending water-cooling system, HydroCTech. In addition to the liquid cooling system, the light includes a pair of silent 140-millimeter fans.

Side view of a black Profoto L600D light unit. The device has a sleek and sturdy design with a handle for easy transport. The brand name and model number are clearly visible on the side. The light unit features ventilation slits and a power cord.
Profoto L1600D

The light doesn’t require a separate floor unit, and Profoto says it doesn’t incorporate heavy equipment for people to schlep. That said, while touted as a lightweight video light, photographers may be stunned by the L1600D’s 11.7 kilograms (25.8 pounds) weight.

The L1600D has an IP54 rating, protecting it against dust and water splashes. If a bit of water gets on the light, it should be fine and protected from ingress, but it should not be exposed to rain without additional protection.

“We have worked hard refining our technology to ensure we introduce not only the best, but something unique that truly delivers customer value. The L1600D is a compact, all-in-one-unit without a ballast. It brings an unparalleled power-to-size ratio. It is a new product category that we call Mono-LED,” says Anders Hedebark, CEO.

Regarding power efficiency, Profoto says that the new L1600D uses 97% of its electric input to create light output, which is “30% more efficient compared to other solutions with ballast and head,” says Profoto’s Product Manager, Anton Falk. It’s a 1,600-watt light, hence its model name.

A woman in a white suit poses confidently on a dimly lit set with dramatic fabric drapes behind her. Another person silhouettes against the light, seemingly photographing or observing the scene. Studio lights and equipment surround them, casting warm, moody tones.

The light’s color temperature is 5,700K and promises a 97 TLCI/CRI. Profoto also notes that the L1600D offers “the purest of light.” The company says the light is flicker-free at any frame rate.

In terms of output, the L1600D delivers 3,850 lux at five meters (16.4 feet) when using the built-in wide reflector, which has a 60-degree beam. When using the Boost Reflector (12-degree beam), the output maxes out at 49,000 lux at the same distance. Of course, the light is compatible with Profoto light modifiers and the company’s wireless Air standard.

“The L1600D is for the uncompromising pros who appreciate and understand the power of shaping light to achieve their cinematic visions,” Profoto says.

The Profoto L1600D will be unveiled at CineGear in Burbank, California on June 7th. So far, the company has not offered details concerning pricing or availability.

Image credits: Profoto