MacOS Apps Peakto and Pixelmator Pro Now Work Together

Peakto and Pixelmator Pro

Cyme and Pixelmator have collaborated on a new version of the Peakto photo management app for macOS. Peakto now supports Pixelmator Pro documents, allowing Pixelmator Pro users to sort and organize their files all in one place.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Cyme Peakto is a “meta-cataloger” that gathers all a user’s images in a single, unified interface.

Peakto is compatible with many image editing applications, including Apple Photos, Adobe Lightroom Classic, Skylum Luminar AI and Neo, Capture One, iView Media, and even older Apple Aperture catalogs. Thanks to a recent update, Peakto also works with Instagram.

Peakto and Pixelmator

With the latest collaboration between Cyme and Pixelmator and using macOS Shortcuts, users can now use Peakto as a companion cataloger to Pixelmator Pro, an award-winning macOS image editor.

“Through the seamless integration enabled by macOS Shortcuts, users can now effortlessly create designs in Pixelmator Pro while simultaneously accessing, managing, and organizing their images and files within Peakto,” Simonas Bastys, the lead developer at Pixelmator, says.

Peakto offers powerful search tools, cross-app annotation, AI-powered categorization, and keywording functionality. Peakto’s sophisticated AI classifies images based on their content, such as portrait, nature, food, wildlife, and more, and assigns them aesthetic scores.


Peakto not only gathers a photographer’s images in one place but also helps photographers organize their photos and quickly find their best shots. When the best shots are located, users can create albums and export full-resolution images.

“Communication is happening more and more through images, in our personal and professional lives,” says Claudia Zimmer, Cyme co-founder. “That’s why, in bringing together the Pixelmator and Cyme teams, we’ve combined our expertise as editors specialized in the Mac to create companion software that offers everyone professional tools for managing and creating images.”


MacOS Shortcuts offer developers powerful automation. As its name suggests, a Shortcut provides users with a quick way to get things done with apps with a single click or by asking Siri. Cyme has utilized Shortcuts to provide integration between Peakto and Pixelmator Pro.

Peakto uses Pixelmator Pro’s file shortcuts to open previews of Pixelmator Pro (PXD) files in full resolution without duplicating the document or even opening Pixelmator Pro. Peakto also utilizes a Pixelmator Pro Shortcut to create a Pixelmator Pro document from any image, even RAW image files, and edit it in Pixelmator Pro.

Peakto natively lists all PXD documents and displays them in the highest possible resolution. Further, the new integration turns Pixelmator Pro into an editing destination for all images, regardless of location. For example, if an image is in a Lightroom catalog or Capture One library, Peakto users can quickly edit them in Pixelmator Pro without moving or duplicating the source file.


Peakto is available on macOS as a one-time purchase ($189) or via subscription. Subscriptions are available monthly ($9.99 per month) or annually ($99 per year). Pixelmator Pro is available from the Mac App Store for $49.99.

Image credits: Cyme and Pixelmator