Peakto is a Universal Photo Organizer That Syncs Across Mac Apps


Peakto is an artificial intelligence-powered (AI) Mac software that promises to provide photographers with a complete view of all their photos as well as a centralized and automated search across a host of previously incompatible editing platforms.

The software is developed by Cyme, the same company that produced the photo migration software Avalanche which converts one photo catalog into another without losing any data.

The company says that photographers have an issue with retention of their images. It alleges that there are often thousands of photos scattered across multiple storage drives and locations that are often not properly synced with one another or with any cloud backupds. Cyme also says that, until now, there was no centralized view or search that would encompass all of the ways photographers find and organize their images since photo editing software options don’t communicate with one another.

Mirrored Organization

Peakto 1.0 promises to synchronize all photos found in Apple Photos, Aperture, Lightroom Classic, Luminar 4/AI/Neo, Capture One, iView Media, and standard photo folders on Mac. Cyme says that it mirrors all of the original organizational structure of the photos (collections, folders, faces, annotations) so that they look familiar and are always where they should be. It doesn’t even matter if the software the photos were originally edited on is no longer supported, such as the case with Aperture: Peakto can still see that metadata and find those photos. A full compatibility list can be read on the company’s website.


The program always stays up to date and will show the latest version of each image regardless of where changes to it are made. The company says that all changes in a catalog are tracked, which includes addition, modification, annotation, or even changes in library structure.Peakto does all of this without creating new copies of photos, and doesn’t change any organization.

Peakto introduces two main features it calls Panorama and Instants.

Peakto Panorama

Panorama View uses image recognition powered by AI to automatically curate and reveal photos that are scattered across multiple editing applications and folders. The company says photographers no longer need to sort or annotate their photos to find all their landscapes, portraits, or food images, for example. Panorama instead automatically curates all the photos across multiple applications and locations by content, style, and color without changing any catalog organization.

Peakto Instants

Instants is what Cyme calls a “completely new concept” for photographers. The feature gathers one master file and all modified versions of the original together to allow an editor to trace back the path to the original shot, or the “instant.” The idea is to not only be able to find the original photo, but see it side-by-side with all instances of it to show the history of the edit.

Cyme describes Peakto as “filter and search on steroids” since it can see all the metadata that is attached to images and provides a universal overview and search capabilities that it says are unique to the platform. Peakto can filter by camera model, lens, EXIF , IPTC, faces, flags, color tags, keywords, ratings, location, software, and by the master file, and photographers can search using keywords that are automatically applied by AI across a host of photo catalogs.


Peakto is only available for the Mac (where it is optimized for macOS Ventura and Apple silicon) and is available either as one-time purchase for $189 or through a subscription that costs $10 per month or $100 per year.