Mac Photo Organizer Peakto Adds Cross-App Photo Annotation


Cyme has announced a new version of its macOS universal photo organizer, Peakto. Version 1.5, codenamed Pic-Saint-Loup, adds annotation features to the artificial intelligence (AI) photo meta-cataloguer.

Peakto is compatible with Lightroom, Luminar, Capture, Apple Photos, and, most recently, Instagram. The new update allows photographers to annotate their images across compatible apps through a unified interface.

The borderless annotation feature can be applied to hundreds of photo catalogs simultaneously, complementing Peakto’s existing AI annotation feature that automatically assigns keywords and categories to images.


“Our photos are scattered in different folders, software, and formats. We created Peakto to put photographers back in control and allow them to find, sort, and create albums from all their images,” says Matthieu Kopp, co-founder of Cyme. “This new borderless photo annotation feature is a must-have for good organization and consolidates Peakto’s status as a centerpiece from which to explore, find, organize, select, and export its photos.”


Peakto brings all a photographer’s images together in one place. In the single interface, photographers can view all their pictures organized across different apps and catalogs and assign stars, colors, favorites, and flags, no matter where the photos are stored. Peakto recovers annotations made in the original catalog while allowing users to create new ones within Peakto itself.

Users have two options to find specific images or make image selections within Peakto. The app can automatically assign keywords using AI, or the photographer can make personal notes. “Peakto simplifies the sharing of the best images from a shoot, the creation of a thematic album, or the selection of visuals for a book or portfolio,” says Cyme.


Peakto’s AI tools classify all images based on their content. For example, wildlife images are grouped together, portraits are grouped together, and so on. AI also selects a photographer’s best shots and assigns scores to images. Beyond content recognition, photos are also sortable by color, contrast, and brightness.

Even if photos are scattered across multiple apps, users can batch export images in full resolution. Peakto alerts photographers if an image isn’t available in high enough resolution for a specific outport task. Exports include all their metadata, including author and copyright, location, date, keywords, and more, including the new cross-app annotation information.


As photographers edit images in the photo editing app of their choice, Peakto remains current and offers live previews of images. When users click on an image within Peakto, it opens the photo up in the software used to edit it. If photographers edit the same image across multiple apps, each version is grouped together within Peakto, which makes it easier to manage older photos that have been passed through different apps over time.

Alongside the new annotation feature, Cyme has announced some of its plans for Peakto, including updates later this year that will improve the navigation of all stored photos, provide better export functionality, deliver more useful AI image assessment, and make it easier for users to share their best images.


Peakto is only available for Mac via a subscription or a lifetime license. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month or $99 per year. A one-time purchase is $189. Peakto is optimized for Apple silicon and requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later.

Image credits: Peakto