Mac Photo Cataloging App Peakto Is Now Much Faster

A screenshot of the Peakto app against a colorful backdrop.

Peakto, CYME’s photo cataloging software for Mac, just announced another update Wednesday, this time focused on improving performance and speed.

Version 1.10 offers a “revamped photo ingestion experience” as CYME described in a release. The company claims Peakto can now “connect” to Photos twice as fast and handle batch operations. Peakto further noted that the app has seen strong performance on Macs with the latest Apple silicon chips, these would be the M1, M2, M3, and their various versions. But now, the release says, update 1.10 brings things up to speed for Macs with Intel chips as well.

The updated version can process a catalog of 12,000 photos in four and a half minutes, down from nine and a half minutes, though CYME did not specify on which chip exactly or Mac model. That said, Peakto is optimized for the M2, so that’s more than likely the benchmark used here. The company even boasts that its software can handle catalog upwards of 100,000.

A composite of screenshots of the Peakto app.

“During the holiday season, photographers actively dedicate time to cataloging their image collections. It was important for us to meet this deadline and deliver software capable of helping photographers in this task. We’re thrilled to announce that after nine months of hard work, Peakto is now faster and better than ever before,” CYME CEO Claudia Zimmer. “With a revamped software architecture, Peakto can handle large volumes of photos with lightning speed. Throughout 2023, we’ve also added exciting new features to make the photo cataloging experience even more enjoyable. We take great pride in presenting this achievement as a valuable year-end offering to our esteemed users.”

In addition to the processing power upgrade, Peakto version 1.10 also has a few changes to its user interface and organization. Users can take advantage of the software’s Smart Albums, which off pre-filled templates. They can also make albums organized according to images’ metadata or Peakto’s AI suggested categories. Of course, it’s also still possible to simply set custom organizing criteria, too.

Peakto first released last year, and CYME has been steadily releasing updates adding and refining the software’s abilities.

Peakto costs $10 a month, $60 a year, or users can opt for a one-time price of $189. There is also a 15-day free trial. The app works with macOS 11 (Big Sur) or later. Users will need 2GB of free space and 4GB of memory (though 8GB is recommended). It is also compatible with other photo software like Lightroom and Apple Photos, among many others.

Image credits: Peakto