Fujifilm X100VI Craziness Continues | The PetaPixel Podcast

As if getting your hands on a Fujifilm X100VI wasn’t hard enough, this past week was even more challenging for those who tried to nab one of just 300 available Limited Edition cameras.

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The team dissects the week’s biggest news including the reveal of Sony’s 247-megapixel medium format sensor. Leica also admitted that selling L-mount cameras is harder than selling its M- or Q-series bodies. Also, Canva acquired Serif Affinity to become a player in the professional editing space.

Finally, Fujifilm made its Limited Edition X100VI available to purchase in the United States last week and that was a whole ordeal with twists, turns, and an uncertain ending.

The team is also joined by Matt Lloyd, ASC, CSC, who is a director of photography, a cinematographer, and you may know his work from Ava Duvernay’s Origin, Marvel’s Spider Man: Far From Home, Power Rangers, Fargo, and Insecure. He’s also from Calgary, Alberta, where Chris and Jordan call home.

Lloyd shares his experiences shooting a wide variety of subjects (music videos, television, and feature-length films) with both film and digital and explains what it’s like working in Hollywood and the types of equipment he chooses for the different projects.

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