The Highs and Lows: Chris and Jordan’s Professional Journeys | The PetaPixel Podcast

When a listener asked Chris, Jordan, and Jaron to share how their careers (all the highs and lows) have gone over the years, the team decided it was worthy of a main story segment to itself.

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Did you know that Chris Niccolls was very disinterested in photography for most of his young life? Did you know that Jordan Drake used the money from a canceled trip to Europe to buy a video camera, forever changing the course of his career? Did you know Jaron Schneider got his start working at a photographic lighting company? Humble beginnings all, and the three share what sparked them to continue in the photography and video space, how teaching is important to them, and how despite the lows (of which there are many), the highs still get them excited about every day.

Burnout is real, but the trio explains how they either avoided it or worked through it to be where they are today.

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In This Episode

00:00 – Intro, where Jordan asks what our first jobs were
10:24 – Leica Will Deliver a Mirrorless Medium Format Hybrid Camera ‘Within 2 Years’
16:23 – The Hydrus Underwater Drone Wants to Be the DJI of the Sea
21:39 – Logitech joins Micro Four Thirds with the Mevo Core
26:27 – The $230 Full-Frame 50mm f/1.8 is 7Artisans’ First Autofocus Lens
30:09 – Chris, Jordan, and Jaron talk about their professional photo and video journeys
1:06:18 – What have you been up to?
1:10:23 – Tech support
1:23:23 – Never read the comments