Logitech’s Mevo Core is a Micro Four Thirds Streaming Camera with a 6 Hour Battery

Logitech Mevo Core

Logitech’s Mevo Core — which was teased last week — is a new $999 interchangeable lens camera that uses the Micro Four Thirds standard to deliver high-quality streaming and on-device 4K capture for up to six straight hours.

Designed for those already interested in — or already using — Logitech’s Mevo system, the Core dramatically improves image quality compared to the original fixed-lens, small-sensor Mevo camera released four years ago and adds the versatility of an interchangeable lens system.

Mevo cameras, including the new Core, are designed to appeal to content creators who don’t want to learn the ins and outs of a professional camera system. A band who wants to broadcast and record their live show, for example, might not have the knowledge necessary to successfully pull that off with traditional camera systems. Logitech’s system is part hardware but it relies heavily on its easy-to-use software.

Logitech Mevo Core

“We are on a journey to democratize live content creation for everyone at any skill level. Mevo Core embodies this value by bringing beautiful 4K DSLR level quality but with a fraction of the complexity of a traditional camera,” Otto Cedeno, head of Mevo, says. “Every single aspect, from adjusting the optical zoom, to setting the right focus are simple taps, making it an incredibly accessible pro-level camera, even for beginners.”

Logitech Mevo Core

The Logitech Mevo system eschews tacked-on webcam software, encoders, cords, and capture cards and compresses everything into a streamlined system. The target audience is beginners, which explains why Logitech didn’t include megapixels, ISO range, bitrate, or other specifications in its launch materials, only that it can record up to 4K resolution. PetaPixel has asked for specifics and will update this story if it hears back.

That said, Mevo Core does give creators a bit more power than the previous compact cameras did, including the interchangeable lenses and an HDMI port that can be plugged into a computer or external recorder (lossless signal). It also includes a 3.5mm TRS audio input, and two USB-C ports (one allows for a UVC webcam). The Mevo Core has three built-in microphones and includes spatial audio processing in two modes: one to target speech and one designed for music.

Logitech Mevo Core

Thanks to full support for Micro Four Thirds, the Mevo Core will work with any lens designed for the format out of the box — including powered lenses. Adapted lens support is on the company’s roadmap for a future update.

Content can be recorded onto a target iOS or Android device (tablet or phone) via the company’s app and recorded directly in-camera via a microSD card (broadcast and backup at the same time). Streamed content is sent in Full HD 1080p30 and content recorded to the camera can be saved at up to 4K at 30p (12-bit for Linear and 10-bit for HDR).

Logitech Mevo Core
Camera control and multi-cam support is managed through Logitech’s Mevo app.

Logitech’s Mevo Multicam software allows any number of Mevo cameras to be connected to a target single destination for a multi-cam setup. While it will take a paid subscription to send these signals to more than one location at a time, sending multiple cameras to a single device is supported right out of the box. It is being positioned as the easiest way for the average person to get up and running with a multi-cam setup available. Cameras can be set up wired or wirelessly thanks to support for WiFi 6E.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the camera is its battery life: it can record for up to six hours thanks to its rechargeable, replaceable 23 Wh battery. Logitech understands that its target user will likely need the camera set up and in position for a long time, either to record an event, a concert, sports, or streaming session. The camera can also be plugged into power to record for even longer.

Logitech Mevo Core

Logitech doesn’t intend to make or sell lenses and buying the camera directly from the company’s website will come in a body-only configuration. However, the company is partnering with B&H and Amazon to offer lens kit bundles from Panasonic and OM System. The Mevo Core camera is available for $999 starting today.

Update 3/19: Added more information on bit depth.

Image credits: Logitech