Puget Systems Launches Workstation-Grade 17-inch Laptop

Puget Systems Mobile 17" workstation laptop

Puget Systems, the makers of the famous PugetBench software that many, including PetaPixel, use to test computers, has entered the laptop workstation market.

Alongside its workstation desktops and server solutions, Puget Systems’ new Mobile 17″ notebook promises to combine “the expertise of Puget Systems and the power of a desktop” into a mobile solution.

The Puget Mobile 17″ includes Intel’s Core i9 14900 HX CPU and NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 4090 Mobile GPU. It sports a typical notebook chassis design, and its 17.3-inch QHD display offers a high 240Hz refresh rate and promises “excellent color accuracy.”

“This combination of high-performance components makes the Puget Mobile 17″ an ideal solution for content creators who demand performance, reliability, quality, and ultra-smooth workflows in a mobile form factor,” promises Puget Systems.

During the development of the new laptop, Puget Systems worked with beta testers across multiple fields, including Niko Pueringer, the co-founder of Corridor Digital, an American production studio.

Puget Systems Mobile 17" workstation laptop

“There are a lot of machines out there with high specs. Anyone with enough money can buy an [NVIDIA RTX] 4090 and sling it in a case. What makes Puget special is that all the supporting pieces get the attention they deserve,” Pueringer says. “With Puget, I know that I don’t have any hidden compromises or bottlenecks. All my USB ports will work at the same time. The heat management is capable of handling 100% loads for an extended time. I know that all the pipes between the shiny GPUs and CPUs are big and beefy and ready to handle anything I throw at it. This laptop was no exception.”

Puget Systems builds computers for specific customers and use cases, so the company relies on speaking directly with customers to ensure they get the proper hardware and software for their needs. In the case of the new Puget Mobile 17″ custom laptops, users can begin configuring them starting this spring. Prospective buyers can learn more and schedule a time to speak with a Puget Systems consultant on the Puget Systems website.

Pricing will depend on individual configurations, but given the serious power that Puget Systems is putting into its new Mobile 17″ workstation computers, users should not expect the machines to be cheap.

Image credits: Puget Systems