MacBook Pro

Apple’s New ‘Scary Fast’ MacBook Pro Has M3 Chips, Sleek Black Finish

Apple has gotten into the Halloween spirit with its "Scary Fast" event. Not only is it the first time that Apple has hosted a live, albeit online-only, event at night, but the Mac-focused event also marks the debut of Apple's first M3-powered computers, including some frighteningly quick MacBook Pro notebooks designed for power users.

An Ultimate Photographer’s Handbook, Inspired by a 100-Year-Old Find

In 2013, a century-old notebook was found in the summer belt at Cape Evans, Antarctica. It belonged to George Murray Levick, who photographed Robert Falcon Scott's last expedition to the continent from 1910 to 1913. Restored by the Antarctic Heritage Trust, the notebook was titled "Welcome Photographic Exposure Record and Diary 1910" and contained pages of Levick's notes, including dates, descriptions, and exposure times.

Inspired by this historical photographer's notebook, Galaxy has decided to create the ultimate notebook for analog photographers -- one that's based on some of the great handbooks from decades (or over a century) past.

Photographer Notebooks for Conveniently Recording Your Film Photos’ Metadata

Digital cameras naturally present us with a number of advantages, among them the oft-overlooked inclusion of detailed information about how (and often where) the photographs we captured, otherwise known as metadata.

Analog shooters don’t have this luxury. We usually resort to either forgoing it completely, scratching down notes with whatever pen and paper we have handy, or utilizing an application created for this purpose. That's where a new notebook designed by Ilott Vintage comes in.

Use a Field Notebook to Jot Down “EXIF Data” for Your Film Photos

One of the big advantages of digital photography is that EXIF data is embedded into your images, allowing you to easily learn when and how (and more recently where) a particular photograph was captured. If you still enjoy shooting film, then a solution is to jot down notes about your photography while you're shooting.