Zaxcom Sues Rode for Infringing on its Wireless Transmitter Patents

Zaxcom vs Rode

Late last month, Zaxcom, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Rode Microphones, LLC and Freedman Electronics Pty Ltd.

As reported by News Shooter, Zaxcom claims that Rode has infringed upon its patents.

One of the patents in question is for a virtual wireless multitrack recording system.

“In the US, Zaxcom holds a patent for devices that can record and transmit simultaneously. They hold other patents as well, but this particular one has made it difficult for companies to offer this in their products sold in the US,” writes News Shooter.

Zaxcom is suing Rode and its U.S. parent company, Freedman, for allegedly infringing upon numerous patents, including some that date back over a decade.

The full complaint filed in the United States District Court of Delaware can be viewed on Bloomberg Law. Zaxcom’s “prayer for relief” outlines the company’s desire for, among other things, injunctive relief, the destruction of products that violate Zaxcom’s patents, and compensation for damages and legal fees (including interest). Zaxcom is requesting a trial by jury.

Among the Rode products that Zaxcom claims violates its patents are the Rode Wireless Go II and Rode Wireless Pro. Zaxcom says that the products interfere with its exclusive right to sell similar products, including, but not limited to, ZMT4 series transmitter products.

“Defendants are knowingly and intentionally inducing others to use the Rode Pro products in a manner that infringes one or more of the Zaxcom Patents. This is evidenced by, at a minimum, free educational videos created by Defendants and published on YouTube instructing users how to use the Rode Pro in a manner that infringes one or more of the Zaxcom Patents,” writes Zaxcom in its official court filing.

Zaxcom also says it has previously communicated alleged patent infringements with Rode and Freedman, including a cease-and-desist letter back in March 2021.

As News Shooter explains, Zaxcom’s patents are only enforceable within the United States, and the company reportedly “heavily defends” these patents. Zaxcom has previously licensed its patents in the U.S., including with Deity for its Deity Connect UHF wireless system. It is unclear why no agreement was made with Rode or Freedman in the U.S., but the company has continued to sell products that can record while transmitting audio.