SmallRig Has a New Ergonomic Cage for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Developed in conjunction with filmmaker Brandon Li, SmallRig announced a new ergonomic camera cage ecosystem for the iPhone 15 Pro Max smartphone.

While the shift to USB-C was probably the story that got most of the news when Apple announced its new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, the filmmakers were likely more impressed by the enhanced capture capabilities that made their way to the handheld — namely log encoding and the ability to record footage directly to an external SSD.

Since the iPhone video upgrades were so notable, using the smartphone to capture high-end video is even more likely. That said, the smartphone isn’t the most ergonomic for professional use. That’s where SmallRig hopes to help.

SmallRig Camera Cage

The new iPhone 15 Pro Max Mobile Video Kit is an aluminum alloy cage that supports MagSafe charging and has multiple areas, namely 10 1/4″-20 threaded holds and two cold shoe mounts, that allow the platform to more easily accept the accessories filmmakers need to work on iPhone.

SmallRig says that its new cage uses a “One Click” locking system that makes sure the phone is properly secured while adding additional protection in the form of silicone pads. While in the cage, not only do filmmakers have the ability to add onto their rig, but the iPhone’s buttons all remain fully accessible.

SmallRig Camera Cage

The rig includes two side handles that can quickly detach and mount to either the top and bottom or the left and right sides of the cage. SmallRig also includes a magnetic variable neutral density filter with one version of the kit, which is critical for shooting video on iPhone since aperture control isn’t an option on the platform.

SmallRig Camera Cage

The company says that in addition to having access to all three lenses on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, filmmakers can also attach M-Mount lenses (17mm/37mm threaded lenses and T-series lenses with optional backplates) and magnetic filters (VND, CPL, Star Cross, and 1/4 Black Mist) thanks to the cage.

The SmallRig Brandon Li Mobile Video Cage for the iPhone 15 Pro Max is available to pre-order starting today, with shipping expected on November 6. The cage without the handles and variable neutral density filter is available for $46.90 while the version including both those add-ons costs $118.90.

Image credits: SmallRig