OWC’s New Jellyfish NAS Solutions are Lightning-Quick

OWC Jellyfish at IBC 2023

Other World Computing (OWC) has announced two all-new flash network attached storage (NAS) devices, the Jellyfish Nomad and the Jellyfish Studio.

Earlier this year, OWC announced the Jellyfish XT NAS solution, a high-performance product built for large video production teams.

OWC Jellyfish at IBC 2023
OWC Jellyfish Nomad

Jellyfish Nomad is a portable NAS solution built for on-the-go editors, while the Jellyfish Studio is a desktop-oriented product that replaces the Jellyfish Mobile.

“The Jellyfish Nomad is the fastest, smallest, and most user-friendly mobile NAS on the planet,” says OWC. “It’s an NVMe SSD powerhouse designed for DITs, independent 3D and VFX studios, and on-the-go editing teams.”

The Nomad comes in three capacities of all flash-based storage, ranging from 16TB to 64TB, with 12TB to 48TB available as working space. The rest of the storage is used for RAID, performance buffers, and software overhead.

OWC Jellyfish at IBC 2023
OWC Jellyfish Nomad is built for on-the-go creators and editors.

To set up OWC Jellyfish Nomad, users do not require any prior networking experience. OWC has built multiple macOS apps for Jellyfish NAS, including OWC Jellyfish Manager and OWC Jellyfish Connect. That said, OWC Jellyfish Nomad is compatible with Windows and Linux in addition to Mac.

OWC says that the Jellyfish Nomad offers sustained read/write speeds of up to 6,000 MB/s, which is extremely fast, and includes 128GB of RAM.

OWC Jellyfish at IBC 2023

Jellyfish Studio comes in four raw storage sizes, starting at 24TB and topping out at a whopping 180TB. The working space ranges from 17TB to 140TB. All four Jellyfish Studio capacities come configured with 12 High-speed SATA SSDs, 128GB DDR4 RAM, and one 480GB Boot NVMe.

OWC Jellyfish at IBC 2023
OWC Jellyfish Studio

“Get massive leaps in speed, storage and connectivity with the Jellyfish Studio all-SSD NAS. Now you can easily share hi-res media for documentaries, feature films, episodic content, or large amounts of social media at every resolution and aspect ratio. When you need a super fast, high capacity, and silent desktop NAS for a large number of direct connected users, the Jellyfish Studio is perfect for your editing team or classroom,” explains OWC.

OWC Jellyfish at IBC 2023

In exchange for the higher capacity, the Jellyfish Studio does not quite match the speeds of the Jellyfish Nomad. However, it remains very fast. OWC promises sustained read/write speeds of 3,500 MB/s. The Jellyfish Studio also allows for up to 14 direct user connections to the NAS.

The complete details for the OWC Jellyfish Nomad and Studio products are available on OWC’s website. The OWC Jellyfish Nomad starts at $10,995 while the OWC Jellyfish Studio is available from $11,995. OWC expects both new products to begin shipping in Q4 2023.

Image credits: OWC