‘Copy That’ Software from OWC Streamlines File Storage and Backups

Other World Computing (OWC) has announced Copy That for Mac, what it describes as an intuitive, easy to use backup tool for content creators to speed up their camera, memory card, and storage device offloads to multiple destinations with 100% exact matching data verification.

OWC is mainly a hardware storage manufacturer but also produces some software solutions that support that hardware. Copy That is one such software that is designed to assure data doesn’t get lost or corrupted.

Many content creators and photographers will use a simple drag-and-drop file management system when it comes to moving photos and videos from memory cards to computers. OWC’s Copy That proposes a system that not only does that, but provides for multiple copies and reporting so that photographers can easily locate files thanks to detailed transfer details with easy-to-read visual reports.

Copy That complies with the idea of 3-2-1 backup, that is to say, three copies of data, two local (on-site but on different storage media), and one offsite by running multiple copies to multiple destinations in parallel. It verifies these copies through what OWC describes as a plethora of checksum options including industry standard xxHash-64 and MD5 with additional options for SHA-1, SHA-2 256, SHA-2 512 to guarantee files have been copied correctly.

OWC Copy That

The software supports thumbnail generation and metadata support for most cinema cameras including ARRI RAW, BlackMagic RAW, RED RAW, ProRes, Panasonic Varicam, Atomos, and Convergent Design recorders and most consumer cameras recording in MP4, MOV or MXF wrappers. Copy That also comes with presets that automate folder organization to help streamline workflows and provides a historical list of previous offloads so content creators can review and keep track of tasks that have been completed.

Copy That also has what OWC calls collision protection, which prevents files from being overwritten with any other file that happens to have the same name, which the company says is common with multicam setups or when using fresh media cards in the same camera. ​The software includes error detection which means that if something happens during a transfer, it will alert the user that files may not have been copied correctly and allowing them to address possible problems.

After a copy task is completed, the software safely ejects media so that editors don’t even have to think about that step.

OWC Copy That is available in two license options, but unfortunately neither of them are perpetual. It is available as an annual license for $99 for the first year and $49 for each additional year, or a project-based 30-day license for $35.