Canon’s New 4K PTZ Camera Offers Many Features For $2,000

Three models of the Canon CR-N100 PTZ camera are lined up in a row, two white with one in black in the middle.

Canon has announced a new 4K pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera with an affordable $2,000-price point, plus a high-end remote that will make using the new camera or Canon’s other PTZ offerings a breeze.

The CR-N100 4K PTZ camera is meant for indoor use and can capture 4K ultra HD video at 30 frames per second or 1080p HD video at 60 frames per second. Users can also connect their own mics to the camera with a 3.5mm adapter.

The CR-N100 has a Canon Type 1/2.3 CMOS image sensor, which allows for hybrid autofocus, working with wide and telephoto focus, coupled with 20x optical and digital zoom. With the Auto Tracking Application, the N100 can focus on and follow a subject automatically. It also works with IP using an RCP remote to control the camera’s movements.

The PTZ camera has four Scene Modes to choose from: portrait mode, which blurs the background while the subject is in sharp focus; sports mode, which is best for capturing moving objects; low-light mode, for taking bright images in dark places; and spotlight mode, which focuses on specific objects.

Canon CR-N100 PTZ
Canon CR-N100 PTZ

“As online meetings, lectures, live events, and seminars become increasingly commonplace, there is a growing need for livestreaming and video recording technology,” a release from Canon explains.

Canon CR-N100 PTZ
Canon CR-N100 PTZ

The camera uses a USB-C 3.0 output, so there will be reduced lag when using the CR-N100 on a video call, vlog, or streaming. It also works well in multi-camera setups, with a tally light on the front, which will light up in red to indicate when it is recording. Further, with Canon’s Multi-Camera Management Application, users can configure settings for multiple cameras at once.

Canon CR-N100 PTZ
Canon CR-N100 PTZ

While Adorama’s listing for the PTZ camera says the CR-N100 will come with an IR remote, Canon also announced the RC-IP1000, a high-end controller complete with a 7-inch touch panel and functional buttons and dials tailored meant to make professional video production easy. With it, users can control the pan, tilt, and zoom and adjust camera settings, including focus and exposure. The touch panel can also display live video feeds in 2×2 and 3×3 layouts.

Canon RC-IP 1000 remote
Canon RC-IP1000 Remote Camera Controller

This is not Canon’s first foray into PTZ cameras by any means. Last year, it brought the PowerShot PICK camera to the U.S. following its Japanese release, and it has a lineup of other, more expensive, PTZ options, such as the CR-N300CR-N500 models.

The new CR-N100 comes in Satin Black and Titanium White colorways and costs $1,999. It is scheduled for release in early October.

The new RC-IP1000 remote is scheduled to release in December for $4,999. Canon’s new Multi-Camera Management App will be available for free in November.

Image credits: Canon