Meta Rolls Out Its Widely Anticipated Desktop Version of Threads

Meta is planning to roll out the web version of Threads -- one of its most-requested features -- over the next few days.

Meta is planning to roll out the web version of Threads — one of its most-requested features — over the next few days.

Meta will begin the launch of one of its widely-anticipated web version on its text-first social media platform Threads today.

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In a Threads post earlier today, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the long-demanded web version will be rolling out over the next few days.

At launch, the web experience will let users post, view their feed, and interact with posts from their desktop.

However, the web version of Threads will not be in total parity with the mobile app just yet. But the Threads team is working to add more functionality to the web experience in the coming weeks.

The release comes after Instagram head Adam Mosseri previously revealed that the web version was in the making last week. In an Instagram comment, Mosseri said that the web version was “a little bit buggy” at the time.

Threads appeared on track to be a smash hit after it hit 100 million users barely a week after its launch — making Meta’s Twitter rival app easily the fastest growing app ever.

Threads’ meteoric rise seemed to portend that the app may truly have the potential to unseat Twitter in the text-based social media space.

However, engagement on Threads appears to have dropped off as quickly as it had risen — and the app saw a staggering 70% decline in the number of daily active users since its peak.

While Threads and X (formerly Twitter) operate similarly, Meta launched a bare-bones version of the Threads app in early July — which was missing some significant features of Elon Musk’s platform.

These included desktop functionality and the ability to search for topics rather than just users. And these are all features that heavily contribute to Twitter’s popularity.

The web version would address one of the biggest of a long wish list of features users have sought for in Threads and will help Meta to truly compete with X, which has long been popular on desktop for people at work.

The web version will also make Threads more useful for users like brands, company accounts, advertisers, and journalists.

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