Threads Finally Lets You Sort Your Feed by Only the People You Follow

Threads an Instagram app

Threads has rolled out its most substantial update since its launch nearly three weeks ago and released the highly requested “Following” tab in the app.

Today, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads would be launching the option to see a chronological feed of posts from the accounts that users follow in the app.

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On Tuesday, Zuckerberg replied to a post on Threads requesting the follow feature saying: “Ask and you shall receive.”

The new following tab allows users to see chronological posts from accounts they follow instead of the algorithmically curated content that appears in the “For you” feed. It can be accessed on Threads by double tapping on the app’s home button. If users want to switch between the For You and Following feed, they will need to tap the Threads logo or the home icon. From there, they can swipe from one to the other.

Users will need to update to the latest app version of Threads to access the feature.

The latest Threads update will also allow users to sort their “Activity” feed by follows, quotes, and reposts. Furthermore, users will be able to see their liked posts in their settings and translate certain posts that appear in a different language.

The option to see a reverse chronological feed of posts solely from accounts that a user follows has been one of the most requested features on the app since Threads launched on July 5.

Meta’s Twitter-killer became the fastest growing app ever after hitting 100 million users barely a week after its launch.

But, since then, data has revealed that the Threads app had seen a nearly 70% decline in the number of daily active users since its peak.

While Threads and Twitter operate similarly, the Meta-owned app is missing some significant features of Elon Musk’s platform, including desktop functionality and the ability to search for topics rather than just users. And these are all features that heavily contribute to Twitter’s popularity.

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However, this latest update may work to keep users engaged with Threads and maintain some momentum with the app.

“I’m very optimistic about how the Threads community is coming together,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Threads post on July 18.

“Early growth was off the charts, but more importantly 10s of millions of people now come back daily… The focus for the rest of the year is improving the basics and retention.”

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