Instagram is Pushing Recommended Threads Among Traditional Posts

Meta is pushing Recommended Threads among traditional posts on Instagram

Instagram is now pushing Recommended Threads among traditional feed posts in a bid to bring users back to the Meta’s text-first social media app.

According to TechCrunch, users across the world have reported that Instagram is now showing a “For you on Threads” carousel with a button to open the app directly on a user’s phone.

“We have added a number of new features to the app since launch, and are now making it easier for people to see the latest content from Threads directly on Instagram,” a Meta spokesperson confirms to TechCrunch.

Users previously discovered that deleting a Threads account would also end up deleting their Instagram account. According to Meta’s policy page, the rationale for this is that an individual’s Threads profile is part of the user’s Instagram account.

Pushing Threads on Instagram to Boost Engagement

Meta appears to be testing pushing a carousel of suggested Threads posts on Instagram to increase engagement and bring users back to its text-first app.

Threads appeared on track to be a smash hit after it hit 100 million users barely a week after its launch — making Meta’s Twitter rival app easily the fastest growing app ever.

However, engagement on Threads reportedly dropped off as quickly as it had risen — and the app saw a staggering 70% decline in the number of daily active users since its peak.

While Threads and X (formerly Twitter) operate similarly, Meta launched a bare-bones version of the Threads app in early July — which was missing some significant features of Elon Musk’s platform. This may have led to Threads’ dwindling engagement.

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However, last week, Meta rolled out its web version of Threads — one of its most-requested features. And on Thursday, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Threads is starting to test keyword search on the app.

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