Synology’s New DS224+ NAS Upgrades Its Popular 2-Bay Array

Synology DS224+

Synology has announced the DS224+, a follow-up to the DS220+ network-attached storage (NAS) that has more support for the company’s business-oriented tools which it says should be helpful for freelancers and small studios.

The DS224+ is a two-bay NAS designed to operate as a centralized data management solution for small businesses and home offices — its predecessor was particularly popular with photographers. It shares a design philosophy similar to the simple DS223 that was announced earlier this year.

Like other Synology NAS arrays, the DS224+ runs the company’s DiskStaion Manager (DSM) which supports the capability of a private cloud. The company says that with DSM, it’s easy to share, manage, and protect files and photos, back up devices and data, and manage surveillance recordings.

The DS224+ is also faster than the DS220+ and runs on an Intel Celeron J4125 and ships with 2 GB of DDR4 memory (which is expandable up to 6 GB). Synology boasts that the new NAS is 62% faster at accessing web applications, 52% faster at indexing files, and 28% faster at indexing photos and other image files.

The new dual-disk array supports multi-layered backup, which allows it to support workstations, smartphones, and cloud apps. Synology says that users can consolidate and automate backup tasks with its Active Backup for Business app, which allows for the administration of backups remotely through a centralized portal and can quickly restore specific files or entire devices.

Two DS224+ arrays can also be linked with Synology’s Hybrid Share system, keeping the bulk of the data in the cloud while caching frequently accessed files locally for fast access with a LAN connection.

Speaking of which, the NAS has two LAN ports, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports (one on the back and the other on the front), and has quick access Copy and Power buttons that are located on the front plate.

Photographers that are looking for more storage or RAID security than can be achieved with a two-bay NAS could consider Synology’s DS423+, a four-bay NAS that was announced this past March.

The DS224+ should be making its way to retailers in the coming weeks and will cost $300, which is the same price Synology currently asks for the previous generation DS220+.