The Synology Diskstation DS423+ is a 4-Bay NAS for Your Home Business

Synology NAS

Synology has announced a new network attached storage (NAS) solution designed for home and small business use. The DS423+ is a four-bay solution that is compact, faster than its predecessor, and capable of being the hub of multiple attached systems.

The DS423+ is able to hold a maximum of 72TB which is typically more than enough for most home photo or video businesses — at least for a couple of years’ worth of data. Synology says that the DiskStation Manager software that powers the NAS leverages the “advanced Btrfs file system” which it says safeguards data against corruption and allows users to quickly reverse any unintended or malicious changes through the use of “snapshot technology.”

Synology’s newest NAS comes with two M.2 NVMe slots, which it says can be used to either enable fast flash caching or create SSD storage volumes without occupying the standard drive bays.

“SSD storage pools are ideal for workloads that require low latency and high random write performance, while​ SSD cache volumes can significantly boost I/O performance on slower HDD volumes,” the company says.

Synology NAS

The DS423+ is an upgrade over the predecessor as it promises 21% faster photo indexing among other performance improvements.

As mentioned, Synology DiskStation Manager is the core of the NAS, and the company says it offers comprehensive solutions that can protect and manage business data, facilitate collaboration on documents, provide remote file access, and serve as the hub for an IP camera-based surveillance system.

Synology NAS

Synology has been slowly upgrading its various NAS offerings over the last several months. In November, it launched the DS923+, a similar but ultimately different four-bay NAS solution. While the DS923+ is equipped with an AMD Ryzen R1600, the new DS423+ is powered by an Intel Celeron J4125 that features up to 2.7 GHz turbo performance compared to the 3.1 GHz turbo of the DS923+. The DS923+ also has significantly higher memory capacity (32GB versus 6 GB) and supports PCIe expansion. That said, the DS423+ is more expensive and not everyone is going to need that higher performance.

If a four-bay solution isn’t enough, the DS1522+ announced last summer adds a fifth bay. If four is too many, the small two-bay DS223 is also an option.

The Synology DS423+ is available for $500. As a note, like most Synology NAS systems, it only includes the enclosure and does not come with any HDDs or SSDs.