Nons Instant Back Lets Hasselblad Cameras Shoot to Instax Instant Film


Hong Kong-based Nons is best known for its cameras that use Instax film, including the SL660 and SL645 models that include a Canon EF mount. The upcoming Nons Instant Back allows photographers to use Instax film on existing Hasselblad medium format film cameras.

Compatible with the Hasselblad 500, 501, and 503 series cameras, the Nons Instant Back attaches to the rear of Hasselblad cameras and offers full-range focus without adjusting the viewfinder or focusing screen.

The Nons Instant Back uses Instax Square Film and ejects spent film using an electric motor. The back also includes a battery status display and film counter. The Instant Back adds 330 grams of weight to the user’s camera and charges via USB.

Nons Instant Back
The Nons Instant Back attaches to the rear of compatible Hasselblad medium format 500-series cameras. The Instant Back includes motorized film ejection, film counter, and a battery indicator.

As The Phoblographer explains, “Of course, some photographers will find using a pricey medium film camera to spit out small 62mm images blasphemous. In digital terms, that’s like trading a full-frame mirrorless for a smartphone.”

It is a fair critique. However, while 120 film is relatively easy to come by, it is costly to purchase and develop. The Nons Instant Back allows fortunate Hasselblad 500/501/503 series owners to take advantage of their acclaimed lenses, albeit not with the entire image circle, and receive instant photos.

Below are a couple of examples captured using the Instant back and additional images can be found on the company’s website.



For anyone who does not already own a Hasselblad 500, 501, or 503, the Instant Back is probably not a very affordable way to get into instant photography. Used 500-series cameras at Adorama start at around $600, although ones in good or better condition can cost quite a bit more.

Nons Instant Back

Nons is not the first company to go this route. In 2020, Escura took to Kickstarter to launch an instant film back for Hasselblad V-System cameras. The Escura has been delayed but is expected to finally begin shipping this month.

Nons Instant Back

Pricing and Availability

The Nons Instant Back is available for preorder now for $259, although the initial batch has sold out. The first units are expected to ship next month, and the Instant Back will sell for $279 when it officially launches. Complete specifications are available on the company’s website.

Image credits: Nons