Pixend Uses Facial Recognition to Send Photos to the Right People Automatically


Pixend is a new startup that claims its facial recognition technology can send photos to the people featured in them automatically, removing the manual step of distributing photos to the right people entirely.

The company, which is unaffiliated with another photography company by the same name, says its application uses “uses advanced facial recognition technology” to send photos to subjects in those photos in seconds, which dramatically reduces the amount of time it would take to manually send images to the right people.

Setup for the app is described as simple. Those in a group need to download the company’s app or visit the browser-based portal. Because the software relies on facial recognition, it needs to know what a person looks like and will ask for a selfie. Once that is uploaded, the process is basically done and any photo sent via Pixend will automatically appear in their profile on the web or in the app.

The company says it has a 99% matching accuracy and can deliver images in as little as 15 seconds after they are taken.

This use case for Pixend is free, but the company plans to monetize its software through a professional version of the software that is meant to support working photographers. It’s called Pixend Pro — again, unaffiliated with the other Pixend Pro.

“Imagine capturing the perfect shot of a smiling face, a candid laugh, or a stunning scenery. Now imagine that the person in the photo receives it instantly on their phone, without you having to do anything. That’s the magic of Pixend Pro, the ultimate tool for photographers,” the company claims.

Pixend says that the automation allows photographers to focus on actually capturing images and lets them streamline delivery.

“No more interrupting the moment, no more waiting for weeks, no more scrolling through endless albums. Just snap and send.”

The company is working on the ability for its app to integrate directly with Canon cameras, which would allow any photographer that uses a Canon camera that is equipped with WiFi to integrate the software into their workflow.

Pixend did not provide details on pricing for Pixend Pro, but the free app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the web version can be accessed from Pixend.app.