Canon Teases a New Vlogging Camera Coming May 11

Canon teaser

Canon Japan has published a teaser for a new vlogging camera that will be announced on Thursday, May 11.

As is the norm with teasers, Canon didn’t share much regarding the upcoming product other than a pretty much literal peak behind a curtain and the promise that it will appeal to the “vlog” audience.

The teaser simply states, “new possibilities for vlogs” followed by the date of Thursday, May 11. Those interested in being informed of the new product immediately upon its announcement can sign up to be emailed as well.

Canon teaser

Of note, the teaser was only published in Japan, so it’s not clear if this camera will be coming to other regions.

Canon teaser

Any other information about the release can only be gleaned by what little Canon shows in an accompanying graphic. Mostly hidden beneath the red cloth is what appears to be a mostly vertically oriented camera that can seemingly stand upright on its own. A small corner of the base of the camera is the only piece that is actually visible and that doesn’t give much away, however, the outline of a lens can be seen near the top of the camera which might indicate that the camera will have a fixed-lens system.

That’s not wholly out of the ordinary, as Canon has released fixed-lens video cameras in the recent past. In 2015, Canon released the XC10, a “hybrid” fixed lens camcorder capable of capturing 4K video and still photos, although it was much better at the former than the latter — photo quality was pretty poor. Canon hasn’t really released much in that same vein since, but improving the performance as well as shifting the form factor to a vertical orientation and aiming it at vloggers doesn’t seem wholly out of the question.

If the vertical orientation seems weird, well that’s because it is, but Canon is no stranger to unusual camera designs. In fact, the company released a series of cameras over the last few years that were intentionally unusual. The IVY Rec, PowerShot Zoom, and PowerShot PICK were all created under the banner of trying something new and out-of-the-box, and Canon did find some success with each. That may have emboldened the company to try something even more unusual that could be marketed to a wider audience. All that is known for sure is that details will be revealed next week.

Image credits: Canon