55 Creatives Win $18K Each for GoPro Million Dollar Challenge

GoPro has announced the winners of its Million Dollar Challenge — a competition that sees contestants enter short video clips.

55 video creators took a share of the $1 million prize, each reviewing $18,181.81 and their clip appearing in the above video.

The submissions ranged from swimming with humpback whales to footage of the aurora lights to hot wheels racing, and a POV shot of a dog catching a ball.

Competition Rules

Submitted videos had to be filmed on the newest Go Pro Hero 11 Black or the Hero 11 Black Mini. The action camera company says they received a record 42,446 entries, which was a 66% increase in submissions from the year before.

“The Hero 11 Black and Mini Million Dollar Challenge video celebrates the creativity of our inspired customers,” says GoPro Founder and CEO, Nicholas Woodman. “Congratulations to this year’s creators—your videos inspire millions of people around the world to pursue their own interests and passions.”

It is the fifth GoPro Million Dollar Challenge which the company uses as a way of showcasing what its cameras are capable of.

Back in February, PetaPixel featured Luke Maximo Bell who was attempting to win the competition by creating a point of view (POV) shot of his dog Ollie catching a ball.

Bell ended up 3D printing a custom ball that fit around the GoPro Hero 11 Mini and after fixing fins to get the ball to fly straight he managed to capture the shot he had been hoping for.

It goes to show how much time and effort visual artists will spend when submitting clips to the Million Dollar Challenge.

The video was released yesterday (April 26) with the award recipients learning of their prize after watching the global premiere.

“GoPro has awarded $5 million dollars to Million Dollar Challenge award recipients over the past five years using a simple call to action: Use the latest flagship camera to capture something inspiring and submit your raw video clip to GoPro Awards via the GoPro Quik app or GoPro.com/Awards,” a press release from the company says.

“The Hero 11 Black and Mini contest window ran for just under 10 weeks from Jan. 26 through April 2.”