Zacuto and Accsoon Partner to Turn Your iPhone into a Camera Viewfinder

Accsoon and Zacuto

Accsoon and Zacuto have announced a new partnership to combine the Accsoon SeeMo HDMI adapter and video capture terminal for iPhone with the Zacuto Z-Finder that magnifies a smartphone display and blocks unwanted light.

The cooperation between Accsoon and Zacuto isn’t resulting in a new product, but rather, a new EVF solution that combines existing hardware from each manufacturer.

Accsoon and Zacuto

The Accsoon SeeMo connects an iPhone to a user’s camera, allowing the phone to be a monitor. Recent firmware updates have continually improved the product, reducing latency, allowing extended zooming, and delivering expanded features.

With the advent of the Accsoon and Zacuto team-up, Accsoon is developing a custom interface for use with the Zacuto Z-Finder. Accsoon promises expanded image magnification, waveform display, and focus peaking. These new features should be available to users without removing their eye from the viewfinder.

Accsoon and Zacuto

Concerning the Z-Finder, it promises an immersive shooting experience and allows videographers to see their entire frame up close. The Z-Finder includes rails and mounting screws. It also works in vertical or horizontal orientation, includes patented anti-fog technology, and is compatible with most phones ranging from 6.1 to 6.7″ screen sizes. It also supports drop-in diopters for users with glasses. It’s much more than a simple magnifying device.

PetaPixel saw news of the Accsoon and Zacuto partnership on CineD. Coincidentally, CineD recently reviewed the Accsoon SeeMo and interviewed Steve Weiss from Zacuto. Both videos are featured below.

Accsoon and Zacuto’s partnership highlights the growing segment of smartphone videography. 4K UHD video is a common feature of modern smartphones, with some even offering cinema-oriented 4K/24p video, HDR video, and sophisticated autofocus tracking features.

Apple recently published a video to celebrate the Chinese New Year that highlighted the impressive videomaking capabilities of its iPhone 14 Pro. The video, “Through the Five Passes,” was created by award-winning director and screenwriter Peng Fe.

Companies like Accsoon and Zacuto are dedicated to creating intelligent equipment and accessories for the burgeoning smartphone video market. Their new cooperation exemplifies that smartphone video is serious — smartphones can capture cinematic, professional-quality video.

A prototype of Accsoon and Zacuto’s cooperative EVF product will be on display at this year’s NAB Show. Pricing and shipping information has yet to be made available.

Image credits: Accsoon and Zacuto