Selfie World Record Broken after Actor Takes 184 Photos in Three Minutes

An actor has broken the Guinness World Record for most selfies taken in three minutes, snapping 184 photos in total.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar now holds the Guinness World Record, after taking selfies with 184 fans who gathered at the Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, India on February 24.

In order to break the record, Akshay stood in between the two lines his fans had formed, ready to take as many selfies as possible.

Akshay’s fans individually approached him from alternating sides, quickly moving into the frame for a photo before immediately ducking back out of the shot.

Akshay took 209 photos during the three minutes, however, some selfies were disqualified due to blurred faces.

According to the Guinness World Record’s rules, all selfies must be in focus and sufficiently bright enough so that the person appearing in the picture can be recognized and identified as a unique participant.

In spite of the disqualified 25 selfies, Akshay was easily able to break the record with his photo-taking strategy. The Bollywood actor attempted the record to promote the Indian Hindi-language film Selfiee.

A Record Previously Held by The Rock

The world record was previously held by U.S.-based James Smith who took 168 selfies in three minutes in 2018. Smith was aboard the Carnival Dream cruise ship when he broke the record.

Before that, New Kids on The Block singer Donnie Wahlberg broke the title when the actor took 122 selfies with guests on The Block Cruise in Cozumel, Mexico.

Prior to Wahlberg’s successful attempt, actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson held the record with 105 selfies in three minutes at the premiere of his movie San Andreas in London, U.K. in 2015.

British soccer player Alan Shearer also once held the title — taking 134 selfies with school children aged three to 18 years old in Gosforth, U.K. in 2017.

Last year, another photographic record was broken when a picture posted by soccer legend Lionel Messi celebrating his 2022 World Cup win became the most-liked Instagram post of all time..

Messi’s photo, which shows him holding the Jules Rimet trophy, currently has over 74 million likes and counting.