Nextorage Launches New Series of High-Performance SD Cards

Nextorage SD Cards

Nextorage, a relative newcomer to the memory card space, has announced two new SD card series. One, the NX-F2PRO SD cards are the company’s highest performance while the NX-F2SE cards are slower but still good enough to handle 4K video capture.

Founded in 2019 by former Sony memory and storage division engineers, Nextorage is perhaps best known in the west for its high-performance CFexpress Type B cards that it announced last November. The company says it is solely focused on creating memory products, with a particular focus on memory cards, for both consumer and industrial applications. The Japan-based company has set lofty goals for itself, including becoming the world’s number one imaging memory manufacturer.

On route to that goal, Nextorage has announced two new SD card series, one with a focus on pure performance while the other better blends good performance with higher capacities.

Nextorage SD Cards

The NX-F2PRO cards are Nextorage’s fastest and promise maximum speeds of 300 MB/s read and 299 MB/s write, which it says is nearly the limit of the UHS-II standard. The cards use a pSLC NAND memory implementation to reach these benchmarks and are rated as V90 compatible — a minimum guaranteed speed of 90 MB/s — allowing them to record up to 8K videos with stability as well as keep up with high-speed continuous photo capture.

That speed does limit the total capacities offered, as the NX-F2PRO line has three options in somewhat low total storage: 64GB, 128GB, and finally caps out at 256GB.

Nextorage SD Cards

For more capacity, Nextorage reduces the performance a bit. The NX-F2SE series comes in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB capacities, but only promises V60 speeds — a minimum guaranteed speed of 60 MB/s — which, while slower, is generally fast enough to handle most 4K cameras that shoot to SD cards. That said, Nextorage doesn’t specifically say how fast its NXF2SE series can write data on the card, but it is shown in the specifications. The 128GB card caps out at 100 MB/s, while the two higher capacities can reach 170 MB/s.

Both cards are dustproof (IPX5) and waterproof (IPX7) and have been tested to withstand 10,000 insertions into a reader or camera. All cards are also supported by a five year warranty. Similar to what is offered by ProGrade Digital, Nextorage also includes the ability to download and use a “Memory Card File Rescue” software that can recover data that may have been accidentally deleted.

Nextorage hasn’t stated how much the cards will cost, but expect them to become available on Amazon starting in April.

Image credits: Nextorage