GoodOnes App Sifts Out Your Bad Pictures, Recommends the Good Ones

A new app aims to sift out the bad photos and recommend the “best” ones in a user’s camera roll.

Called GoodOnes, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring order to an enormous library of photos.

The app connects with a user’s Google Photos or iCloud Photos account and then helps them select the “best” photos from what is usually a haphazard collection of images.

@goodonesapp Check out the app in action. Watch us sort through a batch of photos. Look how easy it is to delete them from your device (if you want to…you don’t have to). You can just swipe all the photos you don’t love into Archive. If you are looking to clear up some space or just toss photos that aren’t great you can do it in one step vs. doing it one by one. Try it and let us know what you think. #g#goodonesappt#thesortinglifes#sortingsocietyp#photoorganizationp#photocurationf#familyalbumsf#familyphotos ♬ original sound – GoodOnes

On the app, “Ollie” — a personal photo assistant powered by machine learning — sifts out the bad photos in a picture library and shows the user recommendations for the good ones.

From there, the user can swipe left or right to save or delete the selected images.

The more a user takes advantage of GoodOnes, the better it gets at selecting, curating, and filtering through their photos. Users can also create a photo book, share it with friends, or simply browse through the newly organized collection of photos.

Good Ones is in early access mode at the moment, which means paying users can try it out while the app is still being refined. The Israeli start-up behind GoodOnes recently raised $3.5 million in seed funding to finance further research and development of the product before it is widely launched.

“We focused on building a fun and easy-to-use platform to help people go from cluttered camera roll to photo-zen,” the company’s CEO Israel Shalom tells No Camels.

Shalom says the app’s technology will allow users to enjoy scrolling through their pictures, without a random screenshot, receipt, or eight of the same photos getting in the way.

Clean Photo Viewing Experience

Good Ones hopes to create a clean photo viewing experience for photographers.

“Like so many parents, having children turned my phone into a blackhole of thousands of photos,” Shalom adds.

“Capturing your children’s special and everyday moments should be a positive experience — but it can quickly become overwhelming and impossible to navigate. As a product and engineering leader from Google and Dropbox, I was surprised a solution hadn’t yet been developed. The industry to date has been focused on cloud storage, yet we knew there was a better way.”

The concept behind GoodOnes is not new, only the most recent attempt at the concept. In 2019, EyeEm attempted a similar concept and would organize a user’s photo library and select the best photos in a collection with its “The Roll” app.

Users can sign up for early access to the app by joining the waitlist on the GoodOnes website.

Image credits: Header photo sourced via GoodOnes.