The Nanoleaf 4D Uses a Camera to Match Lights to What’s on Your TV

Nanoleaf 4D

Nanoleaf’s latest uses a television-mounted camera to watch on-screen content and match its lighting products’ output to produce a room-filling, immersive experience.

Nanoleaf has announced a set of new products that push its support for lighting out of the office and into the rest of the house with the launch of new overhead lighting and its first-ever smart light switches.

Over the years, the glow of Nanoleaf’s modular LED light panels has become ubiquitous in the backgrounds of Twitch and YouTube steamers, and on the back of that success, the company is pushing to make its name known in living spaces. While some on PetaPixel’s staff already use Nanoleaf products as primary lighting sources for video calls and livestreaming, the company is leaning more into this space in 2023.

Nanoleaf has announced five new Matter-compatible smart home products today, which includes the Sense+ Controls line (Sense+ Smart Light Switch, Sense+ Wireless Smart Light Switch, and Nala Learning Bridge), the Nanoleaf 4D TV Screen Mirror Camera and Lightstrips Kit, and Nanoleaf Skylight modular ceiling fixture.

Nanoleaf 4D: TV Screen Mirrored on Lighting

Nanoleaf 4D is designed to expand on-screen entertainment beyond the television and around the room. Using a camera mounted either above or below the television’s screen, the Nanoleaf 4D not only enables Screen Mirror with content on screen but also synchronizes all Nanoleaf lighting products together, screen mirroring entertainment across an entire room to make viewers feel as though they have “stepped right into the scene.”



Sync+ also enables dynamic lighting Scenes to play across a Nanoleaf lighting setup, synchronizing colors and animations so a single Nanoleaf Scene plays continuously across a room.



The Nanoleaf 4D kit comes with the camera system and lengths of Nanoleaf Lightstrips and will launch sometime in Q2 2023 in two length options: 55 to 65 inches and 70 to 80 inches. No pricing was made available at the time of publication.

Sense+ Controls

The Sense+ Controls line includes a new smart light switch, wireless smart switch, and the company’s new Nala Learning Bridge which. Nala is what Nanoleaf describes as a powerful, first-of-its-kind learning assistant that is capable of creating personalized automation that delivers “perfect” lighting exactly when, how, and where users want it.

Nanoleaf Skylight

“Enjoy predictive actions like turning your lights on/off, seamless brightness and color adjustments, Scene selection based on your preferences, and more. Over time, users will be able to have a truly intelligent and hands-free experience with the smart lighting in their home,” Nanoleaf explains. “Nala’s automated learning technology is enabled via the Nala Learning Bridge; existing Nanoleaf Thread Border Routers will also be upgradeable to work as a Nala Bridge.”

Matter-enabled — a new smart home standard — and running on Thread, all three products have built-in motion and ambient lighting sensors to personalize an entire home’s lighting, automated to daily routines and personal schedules. The Nala Learning Bridge also acts as a Thread Border Router and works as a color-changing night light with a soft glow for evenings or early mornings.

The Sense+ Controls line will launch in Q3 2023, however, no pricing was made available at the time of publication.

Nanoleaf Skylight

Nanoleaf says that its new Skylight system will be the first of its kind modular ceiling future that works with Matter, allowing users complete control over their ceiling light’s design arrangement and coverage area.

Just like its other lighting products, the Skylight system works via WiFi and provides standard white light for everyday use while at the same time allows for 16 million colors to make ambient lighting more dynamic at a moment’s notice. These lights can be adjusted for brightness, color temperature, color, and can make actions based on a schedule just like other Nanoleaf lighting products and also supports the Rhythm Music Visualizer, Screen Mirror, dynamic lighting Scenes, and Group Scenes.

Nanoleaf Skylight

Nanoleaf Skylight

The modular ceiling fixture also acts as a Thread Border Router and comes with built-in Sense+ sensors to enable motion and ambient light sensing to enable more lighting automation capabilities in a home.

Nanoleaf Skylight will launch in Q3 2023, however, no pricing was made available at the time of publication.

Image credits: Nanoleaf