Nanoleaf’s Camera That Matches Lights to What’s On Your TV Costs $80

Nanoleaf 4D

The Nanoleaf 4D camera system — which can match Nanoleaf lights to the content on a television — was announced earlier this year, but today it finally has a price.

Nanoleaf is one of the biggest names in lighting for content creators and the iconic LED triangles and other shapes are mainstays in the background of many live streams and sets — they are even visible in the background of The PetaPixel Podcast.

The Screen Mirroring Camera and Nanoleaf 4D

The 4D is a light customization system that matches Nanoleaf lights to content on a display. Aimed at living rooms, it’s one of Nanoleaf’s major 2023 product plays that is hoping to bring the company that has made a name for itself in gaming rooms and man caves out of the basement and into the rest of the house.

To recap, the Nanoleaf 4D features four “Mirror Modes” — from 1D to 4D, as the company positions it — that allows users to customize their level of immersion depending on what is actively being displayed on a given monitor or television.

Nanoleaf 4D

Nanoleaf 4D

“1D creates the most subtle effect with an ambient white glow that mirrors the brightness of your screen, ideal for slower paced dramas or more relaxed visuals. Turn your level of immersion all the way up for the full effect with 4D Mode, which mirrors your screen and lights with a direct match; watch as the colors in each scene come to life around you, taking you right into the middle of the action,” Nanoleaf explains.

The 4D system can also work in tandem with Nanoleaf’s Rythm Music Sync system, which will simultaneously mirror the screen’s colors while reacting dynamically to sound effect. Nanoleaf says that with this complete system, movies and games are turned into a full audio-visual experience.

Nanoleaf 4D

Nanoleaf 4D

But Nanoleaf says the experience can even go one step further.

“With Nanoleaf’s exclusive Sync+ Technology, users can extend screen mirroring to all of their Nanoleaf RGB lighting devices within the room to create an all-encompassing visual experience,” the company says. “Sync+ allows you to connect 50+ Nanoleaf RGB devices at once, so you can truly take your entertainment beyond the borders of your screen and onto your light panels, light bars and beyond.”

Nanoleaf’s products are, typically, extremely expensive and can cost hundreds of dollars to create the wall-based patterns that the brand is basically synonymous with. As it moves out of the gaming space though and into the living room, the company will have to contend with a wider range of lighting products, which is probably why it’s 4D system isn’t too highly priced.

Nanoleaf 4D

The company is set to launch the 4D Screen Mirror system along with a light strip kit that can be attached to the rear of a 65-inch television for $100, which isn’t a huge cost of entry into Nanoleaf’s system. For those who already own Nanoleaf lights, the Screen Mirror Camera can be purchased separately for $80. All 4D system products are available for pre-order starting today.

Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons

Nanoleaf is also announcing the Hexagon shape into its Ultra Black line. The new shape can be connected to others of its kind or with the existing Triangles to create new patterns. Ultra Black Shapes Hexagons work with Nanoleaf 4D via Sync+ to extend screen mirroring across a space, but can also be controlled via the Nanoleaf app, with voice commands through a smartphone assistant, and are compatible with IFTT and Razer Chroma. They will also be updated to be Matter compatible later this year.

Nanoleaf Ultra Black Hexagons

As mentioned, Nanoleaf is making a concerted effort to expand into a whole-house lighting brand, and its Essentials line of bulbs (for recessed and track lighting) as well as its Sense+ light switch controls and Skylight system are next in line towards that goal.