Picsart AI Image Generator Being Used to Make a Million Images a Day


In just 20 days since it was launched, Picsart users are creating more than a million images a day with the company’s text-to-image generator. The company will begin rolling out the feature to Android users today.

Since it was announced on November 2, the artificial intelligence-powered (AI) generator has created more than 10 million images, many of which have been added to Picsart’s free-to-edit library for the entire community to take advantage of.

That level of growth is likely attributable to Picsart’s massive iOS install base and the fact that the text-to-image generator is free to use. The generator, which is based on both an open-source Stable Diffusion model and in-house technology, provides a unique, free, and seamless end-to-end editing experience by offering the ability to create AI images in seconds.

Picsart’s tool joined the several text-to-image generators that are available on the market but has seen such explosive growth due largely to the fact that its app is so popular: its users create more than a billion edits a month and the app is one of the most popular photo editors on the planet.

In addition to the text field, Picsart also provides a set of selectable image styles that allow users to add a type of visual flair to generated images in addition to the description of the image itself.

“We’re thrilled at the great response this new feature has received in such a short time,” says Mikayel Vardanyan, Picsart’s Chief Product Officer. “It really shows how far Picsart has come, and how engaged our community is. They’re really into the idea of using generative AI for their creativity.”

Since launch, Picsart has integrated the ability to “auto select” a prompt, which it says provides inspiration and education to users on how best to build text prompts that yield strong results.

The popularity of Picsart’s generator is unlikely to slow down as the company is rolling out support for the feature on Android devices starting today and over the next few weeks — Picsart believes this will cause the number of images being made daily to drastically increase. The text-to-image AI generator can be accessed immediately on iOS and Picsart’s website.