Picsart’s New AI GIF Generator Can Produce Some Very Weird Results

Picsart AI GIF generator

Picsart has announced a new GIF generator that creates original, short animations from simple prompts or phrases. While the concept is similar to how image generating artificial intelligence works, Picsart’s results are far more unhinged.

The tool is the result of an open source model created and published by the Picsart AI Research Team (PAIR) a few months ago and allows anyone to get an animated GIF after offering just a simple phrase to the system. The company says tht it is the first major photo editing platform to implement this kind of tool.

“Simply enter a word or phrase about the GIF you want, and our AI will generate a brand new and original GIF that’s never been used or seen before,” Picsart says.

“A world of untapped GIF potential awaits at your fingertips. No longer will you have to rely solely on recycled content or endlessly search for the perfect GIF to convey your emotions or thoughts. Our AI GIF Generator empowers you to express yourself with unprecedented originality, opening up a realm of endless creativity. The GIF game will never be the same again.”

The GIF generator works pretty much as expected. Users can access the platform on mobile either on Android or iOS as well as on desktop via a browser through Picsart’s website.

The platform works best with simple prompts, as more complex ones often result in the AI ignoring or not registering parts of the request. When given the right phrases, the results can be entertaining:

Picsart gif generator
A cat doing karate

But that isn’t always the case. The AI can also produce some rather unsettling and bizarre results that might technically involve all of the aspects of the prompt, but not in a way that makes real sense.

Picsart gif generator
me jumping into a dumpster fire
Picsart gif generator
a photographer chasing a deer
Picsart gif generator
a bear with a camera
Picsart gif generator
The prompt “a photographer smiling” seems to get most of that right, although the cameras around her neck seem to be strangling her.

For what it’s worth, Picsart seems to own the fact that the results can be weird.

“As a platform that prides ourselves on all kinds of edits – from polished and professional to the wonderfully chaotic and eccentric – we’re excited for this next tool for you to bring to the group chat,” the company says.

Directions on how to access the free tool can be found on Picsart’s blog and the AI-powered GIF generator is currently available for free in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Armenia.