Picsart’s Generative AI Has Made Half a Billion Images and 2 Million Per Day


Picsart users are leveraging the app’s generative AI a lot — to the tune of more than 500 million images created since it launched last November. Additionally, more than two million images are being generated daily.

Not even a month after the generative AI system launched inside of Picsart last year, the company reported that its system was being used to make more than a million visuals a day. Not even a year later, the company has doubled that daily output.

The generative AI isn’t just getting a lot of use, it’s also getting much better at producing visuals. This makes a lot of sense since Picsart’s AI is based on the open-source Stable Diffusion, which continues to get better as more people use it. That and anything made inside of Picsart’s version of it, which adds on a layer of its own in-house technology, no doubt has led to some serious improvements.

The difference between generations made in February 2023 compared to what is being produced this month is stark. In the three examples below, the AI was prompted with the same text at those two periods and the positive result of just six months of inputs is paying huge dividends.

Picsart Generative AI
Prompt: Child looking to the sky
Picsart Generative AI
Prompt: Pastel colors, cool youth
Picsart Generative AI
Prompt: Stunning portrait of a beautiful female Digital art, Cyberpunk, Ultra-realistic, Octane render, Highly detailed, Details, Concept art, Impressionism, Illustration, Mystery

“In less than one year, [the Picsart AI Image Generator] has whipped out half a billion people, animals, fantastical creatures, dreamy landscapes, product designs and so much more,” the company writes on its blog.

“From its debut in November 2022 to now, this tech has come a looooong way. Remember those early days? The kinda glitchy, weird-looking pics with features that AI couldn’t quite get right (like everyone’s hands, why were the hands so weird?). Now, it’s like BAM! Ultra-HD, crystal clear, and looking like they’ve got that natural filter on 24/7.

“…Considering where we’re at now, just imagine where we’ll be in another year.”

Picsart’s AI image generator has been free to use since launch and is available in its app and on its website.

Image credits: Picsart