Fujifilm is Increasing the Price of Photo Paper and Chemicals by 15%

Fujifilm has announced that it is updating its pricing for consumable photographic products, namely some of its Crystal Archive color paper, photo chemicals, and more.

The company says that global pricing for these products is increasing but will vary from region to region. For the United States, it means a 15% increase.

“To accommodate the increased global costs of raw materials, energy, and the rise in transportation and logistics expenses, Fufijilm North America Corporation will implement a moderate price increase on consumables products. Effective October 15, we will increase prices 15% for all Fujicolor Crystal Archive color paper types (excluding control strips and display materials), C-41 and E-6 film and RA-4 paper chemicals, cartridge chemical start up kits and other starters, as well as acetic acids, hydroxides, and all other additive chemicals,” the company says in a statement to PetaPixel.

“At Fujifilm we recognize the extreme importance that photography has in our society. As a longstanding innovator of photography products, we are proud to continue to provide high-quality products and services at a reasonable cost and that also contributes to a robust and healthy photo ecosystem.”

These increase in prices join an earlier increase in film prices for dealers that was upwards of 60% in some regions, but 25% for the United States.

“The significant rise in the costs of raw materials and cost to manufacture has increased, as such Fujifilm North America Corporation has made the business decision to update pricing on certain photo-related products,” a Fujifilm representative said to PetaPixel in April.

Back then, the company said it was evaluating potential price increases for its color photographic paper, processing chemicals, and pro lab products and services. It appears that the evaluation for those increases is at least partially complete as nearly all will see price increases starting today.

Earlier this month, a new report from The World Silver Survey found that demand for silver had increased 19% compared to last year, achieving its highest levels since 2015. Part of this increase was attributed to the surging popularity of film. Fujifilm’s continued increasing in pricing may make it harder for hobbyists to afford the craft, however, regardless of how popular film is becoming again.