Arca-Swiss Introduces New clicPan Series of High-End Tripod Heads


Arca-Swiss has announced a new series of high-end geared tripod heads it calls the clicPan series which the company characterizes as essential for creating quality panoramic images.

Some photographers might be surprised to hear that Arca-Swiss is in fact a company and not just a tripod mounting standard. It is, and while Arca-Swiss’s U.S.-based website is still under construction, it has announced three new products in support of photographers.

The new series includes the C1 Cube cp, the Core 75 Leveler cp, and the monoball p1+ cp. Arca-Swiss says that each has a variable interval rotator installed under the top panning quick release that provide a multi-function solution for a range of photography skillsets.

First, as mentioned, the heads are particularly adept for panoramic photography. The new clicPan heads can switch between free panning mode for single image capture or adjust to what Arca-Swiss calls the “clicPan” mode. In that mode, the top panning design of the heads allows it to perform perfectly level pans without needing to adjust a tripod‘s legs even when working on uneven terrain.

The “clicPan” name is linked to the operation. The heads’ adjustment rings turn in either direction and when rotated, it will stop at each setting position (which can be chosen by the photographer). Once a setting is chosen, the camera will pan in equal increments, providing a tactile and audible “click” stop at each interval. Photographers can then pan the camera to the next detent and stop, let any vibration settle, and then shoot and move to the next stop. That “click” is felt and heard at each detent interval.

ARCA-SWISS Core 75 Leveler cp (clicPan) geared tripod head with built-in panoramic rotator

The company says that with the new clicPan system, photographers can reliably shoot single-row panoramas without any extra gear.

Arca-Swiss tripod heads are revered by some photographers for their extreme precision, and these new heads do not deviate from that expectation. The company says all three new heads are capable of handling the higher weight demands of large telephoto lenses or even medium and large format cameras. The Core 75 Leveler cp and monoball p1+ cp provide a load capacity
of 66 pounds while the C1 Cube cp provides a load capacity of 88 pounds.

The C1 Cube and monoball p1+ cp also have a friction dial that Arca-Swiss says offers greater control over those heavier loads, but also less tension with lighter loads. The company says this level of choice provides added stability and improved handling when it comes to fine adjustments.

Arca-Swiss tripod heads are historically very expensive, and that doesn’t change here. All three heads have three configurations and pricing. The C1 Cube cp starts at $1,766, the Core 75 Leveler cp at $1,153, and the monoball p1+ cp at $837. The company says all three are in stock and available to order immediately.