The Tripod Standing Desk Blends Office Equipment and Photography

Tripod Standing Desk

Photographers who run their own businesses will always tell you they spend more time behind a desk than they do in a studio. But what if those two usually separate spaces were combined into one? That appears to be the idea behind the Tripod Standing Desk.

The basis of the Intension Design Tripod Desk probably originated on the set of a photo shoot, as digital technicians and photographers who like to tether to laptops have been using similar systems for years. The difference here is that Intension Design took the concept one step further and made a finished product that can exist outside of the studio.

The company produces two versions of the standing desk: the original Tripod Standing Deskand the newer Tripod Standing Desk Pro.

Tripod Standing Desk

The original design uses a base tripod that is more akin to what photographers are used to: a single-leg shaft design with clip-locks and a center shaft that specifically adjusts the height. Overall, the Tripod Standing Desk can adjust between 1.8 and 4.8 feet tall, which the company says is enough of a range to support anyone up to seven feet in height.

The base of the small desktop surface (which is 12 by 16 inches) has an Arca-Swiss tripod plate attached to it, which allows it to then work with the included tripod or any other tripod head a photographer might own that uses the same standard. Everything together weighs a scant 4.5 pounds and can break down small enough to fit into a reasonably sized bag.

Tripod Standing Desk

The larger Tripod Standing Desk Pro expands the working surface and significantly beefs up the support. It has more than twice the surface area of the original Tripod Standing Desk (16 by 28 inches) and is height adjustable between 2.3 and 4.6 feet. Because it uses a more robust multi-shaft video tripod as the base and has a larger work surface, it does weigh a lot more than the original at 13 pounds. It also uses what appears to be the Manfrotto standard video plate as opposed to Arca-Swiss.

“Although designed to be a standing desk for those working from home or on the go, the desk can also be used for board games, picnics, as an easel and more. The ability to setup your desk at any height, angle or location makes the desk perfect for work or play,” the company says.

In a review, Engadget reports that the whole setup is well-built and works as advertised. Additionally, Intension Design offers multiple accessories that work with the tripod and desk to transform it into a more robust and versatile system.

The original Tripod Standing Desk is available for $200 while the larger Standing Desk Pro costs $379.

Image credits: Intension Design