Client Surprised at Photographer’s Way of Getting Amazing Car Photos

Photographer lies in the road

Photographers will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot for their client, but one customer was left stunned by how dedicated his photographer was to doing a great job on a photo shoot.

Frank from Long Island, New York, hired photographer Jethro Armand to take pictures of his beloved Honda Accord 2.0T earlier this month. An astonished Frank then posted a video on TikTok of all the various methods and angles Armand tried in order to get the best possible shot of the car.

In the video, a bemused Frank films Armand, who he calls “Bro”, taking dozens of photographs of the vehicle and “risking it all for the perfect shot.” Frank is taken aback as he watches the photographer lie down in the middle of the road, throw water on the car, crouch behind a wall, and even get his client to hold a flashlight all in order to get the finest images.

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The amusing clip took off and has garnered over 14.5 million views — with TikTok users applauding Armand’s dedication and insisting that Frank “hire him again.”

Frank tells PetaPixel he did not expect Armand to take so many images on the shoot and was surprised by the photographer’s techniques — which included using a tripod, taking close-up shots of the headlights, and getting his client to park the car at an angle for a picture.

“I hired him to take photos of my car as I wanted some good quality pictures,” says Frank. “I was a little surprised by what he was doing in the photo shoot,” he explains.

Photographer hides behind the wall

Nonetheless, Frank appears to be happy with the results of the photoshoot and posted Armand’s images of his Honda Accord 2.0T on his Instagram and TikTok pages — after thousands of fans demanded to see the photographs.

Despite Armand’s commendable efforts, Frank does not think a photographer’s job looks difficult. However, he says that he would certainly commission the services of a photographer again.

“I don’t think being a photographer is harder than it looks, it looks easy,” says Frank, “but yeah I would hire a photographer again.”