The Meta Three is a 12.5K 360-Degree Camera with Live Streaming

Meta Three

Meta Three is a new 360-degree camera that produces remarkable 12.5K resolution videos using four vertically oriented 6K sensors.

The state-of-the-art virtual reality (VR) camera also boasts very low parallax (stitching issues), ProRes and RAW, electronic focusing, and live streaming capability.

Not to be confused with Facebook’s parent company, Meta. The camera company is a British outfit, and it’s offering the Meta Three for a whopping $42,000.

“The Meta Three not only has 12.5k resolution but it is sharp, the detail from this camera is amazing. Also, it’s highly controllable — we can set the focus and aperture digitally and on the fly,” writes the company.

The company says it’s using “high-quality glass” for the pixel-rich 360 camera. The data generated can be saved by either four CFast 2.0 cards or four SSD’s attached via USB-C.

Meta Three

The company recommends a Varjo VR headset, an extremely high-end headset, to get the full experience of what the Meta Three can achieve.

Low Parallax

Anyone who has used a 360-degree camera will be aware that they are prone to stitching issues. This is when the different lenses that combine to create a 360 image meet and leave a telling line on the video or picture.

The Meta Three uses four lenses but the company claims that “we’ve got them so close in fact that they stitch beautifully.”

Meta Three

“Also, as these lenses are so sharp all across the plane, they look fantastic wherever on the overlap you choose to stitch them,” adds Meta.


Before the Meta Three came the Meta One and Two. All three cameras can record footage in ProRes 422 and it gives the option of shooting a high bitrate of h265.

“That’s important, not just in pixel quality but in color detail. You can get that cinematic quality from the grade,” says the company.

Live Streaming

The Meta Three can live stream in 8k either via its ethernet port or HDMI ports using 3rd party software programs.

The company also offers editing software, Meta Controller, for PC and Mac.

meta controller

“The controller gives you granular control over the camera, from choosing variable framerate settings, picture profiles, encoding options, focus, full shutter, WB and ISO controls along with a whole host of other settings and features,” writes Meta.

“We show you battery voltage, camera temperature, and quick shortcuts to the key features you will want to adjust quickly.”

YouTuber Hugh Hou got his hands on one of only two Meta Threes that currently exist right now where he showed off its incredibly high dynamic range and pin-sharp picture.