Insta360 Teases Something That Looks Like a Drone

Insta360 has published a short 19-second video that looks like an entirely new endeavor for the company. While it’s not clear exactly what it might be, it appears that it can fly.

The company known for its remarkably small yet high-quality action cameras has teased a new product that is slated to be announced on May 24. The product itself isn’t shown, but the company’s choice to use the phrase “elevate your creativity” combined with what appears to be an aerial stunt points in the direction of some kind of drone.

Insta360 isn’t known for drones, but that doesn’t mean the company has no experience with them. In fact, it already has a drone product that most users might not know about: the BetaFPV Invisible Drone. This small, unassuming drone combines Insta460’s ONE R Camera with a X-Knight 360 FPV quadcopter for some rather unique effects.

This specially-designed drone allows pilots to create airborne 360-degree videos and hides the drone entirely from sight, which BetaFPV says brings more possibility into aerial photography. It’s a small FPV-style drone with five-inch propellers and carries the ONE R in a chassis located near the middle of the largest part of the body.

beta fpv x knight

“X-Knight 360 adopts a flat design, combined with the customized 4S 1000mAh that is only 23mm in height, when paired with the Insta360 ONE R, you simply won’t see the X-Knight 360 in the sight, just like a flying camera,” the company says. “[It is] invisible in the air.”

The X-Knight 360 FPV Quadcopter is avaialble both from BetaFPV and Insta360 for a modest $260.

The video below shows some rather impressive and unique perspectives that are possible with this arrangement:

That footage is not unlike what is shown in the brief Insta360’s teaser video but it’s not the only product that integrates the company’s cameras into a drone body. In April, NewBeeDrone launched its version of an “invisible” drone with the Invisi360. It shares a lot in common with the BetaFPV and uses a Cinewhoop-style drone body to produce video effects with a Insta360 camera.

If these drone products are at all related to what Insta360 is announcing later this month is pure speculation of course. Those who want more definitive answers are going to have to wait until May 24.