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The Evolution of Fujifilm X Series Shutter Sounds


Want to hear how the shutter sounds of Fujifilm’s X Series mirrorless cameras have changed over the years? Fuji employee nycphotog2006 made this short 5-minute video that compares the sounds of the X-T1, X-T2, X-T3, X-T4, and X-H1.

It’s a “thoroughly unscientific sound experience with the cameras and their shutter burst modes,” nycphotog2006 says.

Just for kicks, the video also includes the new X100V fixed-lens camera to show what “true quiet” is — the camera contains a leaf shutter that generates an almost-imperceptible fluttering sound when you’re holding down the shutter for continuous shooting.

P.S. nycphotog2006 also made this 2.5-minute video showing how modern mirrorless camera shutter sounds compare to old school 35mm SLRs by comparing a few of the latest X Series cameras to the Nikon F3 from 1980 and the Canon 1NRS from 1995.

“Not quite the same,” nycphotog2006 says.

(via nycphotog2006 via Fuji Rumors)