Nine DIY Filmmaking and Photography Hacks Using Cardboard

YouTuber Jordy of recently put together a list of DIY filmmaking and photography hacks that are proving to be quite popular. In just under 7 minutes, he covers 9 hacks, all of which use cardboard to make the magic happen.

The video was inspired by the fact that you don’t see as many of these “hack” videos anymore. So Jordy decided to share a set of tricks that are all based on cardboard and could all be classified as “stupid, but useful!” Here’s a quick list/summary of all nine:

  1. Slider – Using four pieces of cardboard and two strips of gaffer tape, you can create a surprisingly smooth camera slider.
  2. Focus Aid – A few pieces of tape and a “donut” of cardboard is all you need to ensure accurate focus pulls every time.
  3. Mic Stand – An absurdly simple way to prop up your mic when there’s no sound guy handy.
  4. Sun Hood – Want/need to shoot in Live View but can’t afford a proper sun hood or loupe? No problem, create one out of cardboard.
  5. Softbox – Cut a hole in the bottom of a shoe box, cover the inside with aluminum foil, and then cover the opening with paper or fabric. Voila: softbox. Just be careful of heat… this works best with LEDs since they run so much cooler.
  6. Snoot/Cookie – Cut out a shape like windows or blinds, and shoot your flash or cast your light through that cardboard. An easy way to create a recognizable shadow.
  7. Framing Device – Cut out a foreground shape and shoot through it. Useful if you need to make it look like you’re shooting through a keyhole, for example.
  8. ‘Rocket Tail’ – Turn a small GoPro into a projectile for cheap. We’ve actually seen full blown products for this.
  9. Gel/Filter Frame – Cut out a custom frame for lights that are hard to gel/filter.

None of these “hacks” will revolutionize your workflow, but like most DIY tips they’re a great tool to keep in your back pocket for a rainy day. Check out the full video up top to see each of the above tips in action, and and if you enjoy this kind of thing, we highly recommend checking out the Shi**y Rigs website for some truly spectacular (and often horrifying) hacks.