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8 Simple DIY Ideas for Smartphone Photography


COOPH just released this fun little 3-minute video that shares 8 tips, tricks, and ideas for smartphone photography. It’s a dose of inspiration for getting creative with the camera in your pocket.

Here’s a quick rundown of the ideas demonstrated by photographer Richard Schabetsberger in Salzburg, Austria (watch the video to see more instructions along with examples of results):

#1: Use a Balloon for Aerial Shots


You can use a helium balloon and fishing line to shoot aerial photos and videos on the cheap.

#2: Sunglasses as a Filter


Gradient sunglasses can be used as a filter for scenes to even out bright skies and dark landscapes.

#3: Make a Pinhole with Cardboard


You can punch a hole in some cardboard to create a makeshift pinhole lens for your phone.

#4: Hold up a 3D Picture Frame


Frame your subjects in 3D using a cutout Polaroid picture frame.

#5: Create a ‘Tiny Planet’ Photo


Download one of the many “tiny planet” apps out there to photograph the world as little worlds.

#6: Shoot High-Key Photos


Lock exposure on your phone while pointing the camera at a black surface to shoot high-key photos.

#7: Inception Selfie


Use your phone to place photos within your photos.

#8: Create a DIY Projector


You can turn a cardboard box into a simple projector by adding a camera lens.

Image credits: Video and photographs by COOPH and used with permission