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8 Photography Hacks You Can Do with Cardboard


In this 4-minute video from COOPH, learn how to hack your way to better photos using cardboard.

Light stenciling is one great way to use cardboard in photography. Take a cardboard box and cut out any shape you wish. Then line the box with wax paper and a colored sheet of cellophane.

Using a long exposure, and a still model if your shot includes people, decorate the scene by turning on and off a light within the box.

Can’t afford a macro lens? Build your own extension tubes and open up a new world of detail.

While it may look a little strange and precarious, the results are better than you might expect:

If you’re a fan of thrifty DIY photo projects, watch the video above to see another 6 ideas for photo hacks you can do with a camera and a sheet of cardboard.